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You can help enlighten citizens

The world is a mighty teacher. Statistics show that students who study abroad come back personally transformed and twice as likely to find a job. But only if they can afford to go in the first place.

Your gift helps provide crucial international experiences for JMU students unable to pay their own way.

These immersive experiences in other cultures help students acquire global knowledge and skills, enable them to become more complex thinkers and make them more successful in their careers.

More fundamentally, your gift helps students acquire new perspectives on the world and their place in it as they live and study among people with different cultural and historical experiences and expectations. This is true for students going overseas or international students coming to campus from overseas.

When you give to support International Programs, you are building on a proven track record: JMU ranks second in the country among master’s-level universities for mid-length programs, third for short-term and 16th for long-term. Your support means our well-earned accolade can include Madison students who come from reduced circumstances.

You can help make the Madison Experience a truly international one. Your gift makes it possible.

Fund Description Type
Semester in Salamanca Send students to study in Salamanca, where they live with local families and acquire a genuinely local perspective. Program Support
International Programs Fund Give students the opportunity to live and study in a different culture and better understand themselves and others. Program Support
EU Policy Studies Fund Support the only one of its kind, a study abroad master's political science program focused on the European Union. Program Support
International Student Scholarship Promote diverse perspectives through scholarship support to worthy international JMU students with financial need. Scholarships
Semester in London Fund Enable students to participate in Semester in London, which just turned 30, making it JMU's oldest Study Abroad program. Program Support
Semester in Florence Fund Send students to this jewel of world culture and immerse them in the arts, sciences, politics and humanities. Program Support
Semester in Antwerp Fund Support the international business perspective with an immersion experience in Antwerp in the heart of Europe. Program Support
Semester in Beijing Fund Help immerse students in a firsthand experience in the world's hottest economy and an ancient culture and civilization. Program Support

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