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Schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

If you've already visted our Study Abroad: 101 section and chatted with a Global Duke to answer questions, you're ready to set up an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor. 

If you need more individualized time, we can help you answer major specific questions, find the right program for you, and help navigate concerns about financial aid, credits, and the application process.

You can scroll down to set up an in-person time or a Zoom video chat, OR you can email Study Abroad to set up a meeting. 

*Please note: Study Abroad Advising is only part of the information you will need to investigate before you make your decision. Your Academic and Major Advisors should always be consulted in order to be as prepared as possible.


Donna Sharpes - Study Abroad Advisor

Donna can advise you on JMU programs, Study @ programs, and External programs. She can also help you navigate transfer credit and financial aid concerns. 

Schedule a time with Donna Sharpes here!

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