JMU is proud to offer the Peace Corps Prep program, which prepares current students for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service.

Whether you are interested in future Peace Corps service or any career in international development, public service, or diplomacy, you can meet the Intercultural Competence requirement for the Peace Corps Prep certificate by studying abroad or completing an internship in a country that has hosted Peace Corps Volunteers. On the following JMU programs, you can study abroad, develop intercultural skills and experiences, and meet requirements for Peace Corps Prep certificate!

JMU Programs

Travel, Tourism, and the Cruise Industry - Summer

Global Business Analytics in China - Summer

Comparative Health Systems in Costa Rica - Summer

Nursing and Health Care in Costa Rica: An Interprofessional Perspective - Summer

CISE Energy and Environmental Projects - Summer

A Cross-Cultural Experience of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Costa Rica - Summer

Care and Empathy in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo - Summer

Honors Seminar: Dominican Republic (Spring Break) - Spring Break

East Africa Field School - Summer

Leadership at Sea - Summer

Himalayan Geographies: Landscapes and Cultures of Nepal - Summer

Tropical Ecology and Forest Restoration in Panama (Spring Break) - Spring Break

JMU Global Supply Chain in Panama and Colombia - Summer

Interprofessional Field Study of U.S. and Rwandan Services to At Risk Infants - Summer

The History and Politics of East Asia - Summer

Focusing on Sustainability with a Global Perspective in Tanzania - Summer

JMU Exchange Programs

Kookmin University - South Korea

Kyung Hee University - South Korea

Yonsei University - South Korea

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