Seoul, South Korea

Semester Timeline

Fall: Sept. - Dec.
Spring: March - June

Application Deadline

Applications Open: September 1st
Application Deadline: February 1st
Decision Date: March 1st

University Profile

Since its founding in 1885, Yonsei University has been synonymous with international education and exchange in Asia. As the most internationalized and liberal institution of higher learning in Korea, Yonsei enjoys by far the longest history of international education in Korea with the most extensive network of exchange partners worldwide. 

International students have the opportunity to receive the best international education in Asia through its globally renowned faculty and innovative and extensive curriculum, with over 960 undergraduate courses taught in English.

Location Description

Yonsei University is particularly fortunate to be situated in a spacious, quiet, and well-wooded environment with a mountain, located just inside in the center of Seoul's metropolitan area. Its scenic campus had been described as "one of the most beautiful campuses in the world" by CNN's special program, "EYE ON SOUTH KOREA." 

Korea has a unique culture that offers an intriguing mixture of modernity and tradition. In this sense, Korea provides a particularly advantageous position from which to study the changing culture, economics, and politics of East Asia. In particular, Seoul is the center of politics, culture, and the economy, where ministries, museums, palaces, theaters, and financial markets are located within close perimeters. 


Yonsei University offers students a rigorous, globally-focused curriculum that can guide students to excel in their respective fields on an international level. Some of the majors include, Asian Studies, Political Science, Engineering, Business, Economics, and of course the Korean Language. Click on the link below to access the course portal.

Course Catalog


Yonsei provides on-campus housing for exchange participants. The SK Global House accommodates up to 581 students and offers both single and double rooms while International House accommodates up to 232 students and offers double rooms. The international students' dormitories house students from all over the world in a multicultural atmosphere. The primary language used in both dormitories is English. 

Housing Info

Applicant Criteria

Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and be in good standing with the university. 

There is no language requirement for this university. Most course instruction will be offered in English. 

Applicants must have completed their first year of JMU before going abroad. There are exceptions for Transfer Students.


In addition paying regular tuition to JMU, participants can also expect to pay the following estimated costs to the host institution:

Housing $1,700
Meals $2,000
Health Insurance $222
Total Estimated Costs $3,922

Additional out-of-pocket expenses may include flight, visa fees, in-country transportation, and personal funds.

How to Apply

The application for admission has a number of parts. See the outline below and make certain you have completed all steps in the application process:

  • Online JMU Exchange General Application 
    Completing the General Application will allow you to select your top three universities for Exchange. Multiple Exchange Program applications do not need to be submitted.
  • Exchange University's application 
    Upon acceptance from JMU, the applicant will then complete the host university's application. The exchange program coordinator will work with applicant to provide access to the application. 

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