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Dublin, Ireland

Program Description

Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? Want to expand your cultural competency without navigating a language barrier? The JMU Internship in Ireland is for you. This program is open to all majors and provides internships experience in your field. Students have interned in a variety of fields, including marketing, music education, business, tourism, information technology, media & communications, the nonprofit sector, medical sales, journalism, graphic design, politics and accounting.

Most internships take place five days a week, but hours vary depending upon supervisors' expectations. This program is a great way for students to make the best use of their summer to get international work experience while earning academic credit.

Location Description

As the economic and cultural hub of Ireland, Dublin is an ideal location for a professional internship. Dublin has a growing population of young professionals with people from around Europe and the globe. Dublin infuses a traditional and historic experience with the new and modern Ireland. Around Dublin, students can enjoy a pint of Guinness at some of the oldest pubs in the world, stroll through Phoenix Park which is the biggest metropolitan park in all of Europe (and two times the size of Central Park in NYC), or stay cozy at home with a cup of tea on a rainy Saturday.

Because Dublin is a major transportation center for the region, students have also enjoyed exploring other parts of Ireland on day or weekend trips including Galway (known for iconic festivals year round and the stunning Cliffs of Moher), Cork (Ireland's Foodie Capital), or Donegal (think lots of grassy fields, sheep, and mountain peaks - which are part of the International Appalachian Trail!). Dublin also provides direct cheap flights all over the region and in to Europe for students feeling extra adventurous.


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Students will stay with host families for the full eight weeks, and this experience provides a unique cultural insight to true Irish living. Host families are great at balancing the nice feeling of having family close by, while also respecting your independence as a young adult.

Host families provide breakfast and dinner. Students will also receive a nominal food stipend to defray some of the cost of independent meals.

Additional Items to Consider

Program fee includes internship placement, orientation, health insurance, 24/7 emergency contact information, housing, small food stipend, support in Ireland throughout the internship, and a work authorization for Ireland. Airfare and spending money are not included.

The experience also satisfies the International Business study abroad requirement and may fulfill some internship requirements for certain majors. All students will take IB 294. If students wish to receive major-specific internship credit, students can work with their major advisors on securing a course directive after the program.

Applicant Criteria

Applicants must have a GPA minimum of 2.0

Open to all majors

Application Process

This list serves as an application preview. To apply, students will need to complete the following:

  • Study Abroad Online Application ($40 fee)
  • Short Essay 
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Interview with Program Director may be required
  • Attendance at program info session may be required
  • Official transcript required for non-JMU students

Further details and instructions about these application requirements will be available upon log-in. 


Apply for Waitlist Only 

Application Deadline


All dates are tentative and subject to change


IB 294: Internship Abroad (3 credits)

Courses listed here are to be used as a general guideline for program curriculum. *All courses are considered pending until approved by the Academic Department, Program, and/or College.


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