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2023 W-2s were mailed from James Madison University on January 23rd to the address on file in MyMadison under the Employee tab, as of 1/10/24.

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Inclement Weather Policy for Wage Employees

Please see Policy 1309 of the JMU Policy and Procedure Manual for all policies as they relate to inclement weather. Per this policy, part-time employees who hold a job classification that is deemed as "essential" by this policy shall receive an additional 1/2 hour pay for each hour they work during an inclement weather closing. Inclement weather payments should be processed as follows: All inclement weather hours worked should be recorded and submitted on the department's time entry panel as regular hours. Additionally, the person authorized to approve time for the department should inform the payroll office by email ( or in writing the amount of inclement weather hours that an employee should be compensated for (refer to the example below). Payroll Services will see that the individual is compensated for the additional 1/2 hour pay, per hour worked. This notice should include the employee's name, department org number, date earned, HR PeopleSoft ID number and total hours of pay they should receive for inclement weather compensation (example e-mail/memo template). Should you have any questions, contact Sherry Willis (568-8034) in Payroll Services.

For Example: Employee A worked 45 hours during the current payroll period. Of those 45 hours, 6 hours were worked during an inclement weather closing. The department should submit the 45 hours on their department's time entry panel for processing, as well as, notify Payroll Services that Employee A worked 6 hours during an inclement weather closing. Payroll Services will see that Employee A receives the additional half of hour pay for each inclement weather hour worked. In this example, the employee would see the half-time pay on their payadvice as "INC" 3 hours. All "INC" weather hours will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Overtime Calculation Instructions

Overtime Guidelines

The provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cover all JMU employees. FLSA establishes rules for minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, child labor and recordkeeping; and, it defines exemptions from overtime pay regulations. Please refer to JMU Policy 1303 for more information regarding overtime and compensatory leave.

Overtime Calculation for Hourly Employees

Overtime is required to be paid when non-exempt employees physically work over 40 hours in a WEEK (not a pay period). Even though JMU pays semi-monthly, hourly pay periods 1st -15th and 16th-31st, overtime is calculated by the number of hours worked Sunday through Saturday, unless your work-week has been designated differently and approved by HR. Additionally, overtime is not contingent on the budgetary constraints of the department. If more than 40 hours are physically worked Sunday - Saturday, the non-exempt employee must receive overtime compensation accordingly.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that hours are calculated and reported correctly. It is the timekeeper’s responsibility to double check and audit the timesheets before submitting the employee’s time to Payroll Services via JMU Time Entry.

For detailed instructions on how to calculate overtime for hourly employees, please reference Overtime Calculation Instructions for Hourly Employees.

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