The Office of Cash & Investments coordinates online access for Finance 101 training.

Finance 101 covers the basics of Finance and is geared towards new employees while also covering the AACP Modules for those working towards the completion of their Administrative Assistant Certification. All new employees who work daily with Finance reports and forms are strongly encouraged to complete all sessions of Finance 101. Topics covered include an Overview of each office located under Finance, proper Finance form preparations, contact information for each office, and more! While enrolled in Finance 101, you are also encouraged to attend Finance Forum where you will receive pertinent updates and announcements quarterly regarding Finance

Registration is via MyMadison using the course number of each class. There is no required order or limit to number of courses you may register for at one time.  You may stop and start the training and each presentation includes audio.  To be given credit for completion on MyMadison, you must complete the brief survey at the end of each course module. The courses are available 24 hours a day from the date availability is announced through the end date of the course. The end date is the date that will appear in MyMadison as the course date. (This is due to set up constraints within MyMadison.) There is no need to request access.

Access any or all of the seven sessions using the links below.

AS1060 - Cash & Investments

AS1061 - Office of the AVP for Finance

AS1062 - Office of Accounts Payable

AS1063 - Office of Budget Management

AS1064 - University Business Office

AS1065 - Payroll Services

AS1066 - Fixed Assets & Surplus Property

Be sure to complete the survey at the end of each session. The responses to the surveys will be used to update your enrollment in MyMadison from enrolled to complete. The completed surveys are automatically routed to Cash & Investments.

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