Massanutten Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 308-316, MSC 5711, Harrisonburg, VA 22807,
General Fax - 540.568.2383, Sensitive/Secure Data Fax - 540.568.3346

Tish Leeth 
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Director of Cash & Investments
  • Banking Management & Electronic Payables
  • Campus Liaison for Accounting Operations & Disbursements
  • Finance Training Coordinator
  • SPCC Program Administrator
Jennifer Barb 
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Primary Program Administrator - SPCC
  • Audit and Reconciliation of SPCC
  • Charge Card Payment Processing
  • Issue/Cancel Cards
  • Research Assistance to Departments
  • Training for SPCC

Barbara Shepherd 
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E-Payments Accountant/Testing Coordinator
  • Electronic Payables Management & Vendor Relations
  • Electronic Funds Transactions
  • PeopleSoft Finance System Testing
  • Research Assistant to Departments
Amanda Sherman 
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SPCC Program Administrator/Bank Accountant
  • Annual Unclaimed Property Report
  • Research Assistance to Departments
  • SPCC Audit and Reconciliation
  • University Disbursements
Ramona Stevens 
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Bank Accountant/Training Facilitator
  • Assistance to Departments for Reconciliations/Training
  • James Madison Innovations Foundation
  • Payment to Foreign Vendors
  • Research Assistance to Departments
  • Reconcilation of Multi-Bank Activities
  • University Cash Management Activities
Contact Info

SPCC Program Administrator
  • Issue/Cancel Cards
  • Research Assistance to Departments
  • Audit and Reconcilation of SPCC

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