Training for the electronic JMU Time Entry system is available. Anyone who will be responsible for entering wage/student hours is required to complete training. You may view upcoming and available session dates and register for training through MyMadison. If you have any questions regarding training, please e-mail IT Training.

Once training has been completed, you will need access to the time entry panels through the Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). To help expedite the access approval process, we strongly encourage you to complete the IIS Access Control Request at the time you sign-up for JMU Time Entry training.

To receive access to the JMU Time Entry pages within HRMS, you must complete an online Request Access Form. The following information should be supplied on the on-line form:

  1. Within the "specify duties" section of the form, indicate which of the following you will be doing:

    • entering timesheet data

    • approving the data entered

    • performing both tasks - entering and approving

  2. Indicate the department ID's for which you have signature authority to enter/approve time. If you have too many department ID's to list on the form, please attach a separate list and indicate "See Attached List." To view the department ID's for which you have signature authority, click here. You will need to have authority listed for either Time Sheet (which means entry and approval authority) or Hours Entry Only (entering timesheet data only). If you have any questions regarding Signature Authority, please call Pam Crowe at 8-6433.

    NOTE: An hourly employee cannot be an approver for the department where he or she gets paid. The employee can enter data for the department, but cannot approve it.

  3. Review the information before electronically signing and submitting the on-line form.

  4. Your HRMS request requires your supervisor's approval.

For Department Heads or anyone that will serve as APPROVERS ONLY, there are separate instructions and training scenarios. APPROVERS ONLY are not required to attend training but will need access to the HRMS system.

Once you have been set up with access, you may reach the HRMS login by clicking here. However, please be aware that the HRMS cannot be accessed from off-campus sites like MyMadison.

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