Physical Inventory

All departments are required to complete a physical inventory based on University, State and Federal policies on an annual basis. Department heads must designate an individual as the department's fixed assets coordinator whose responsibility is to conduct a verification of their department's equipment inventory.

Fixed Assets is now using one method for verifying departmental inventories using Sunflower, our fixed asset system:

  • Scanned inventory process in which barcode readers are used by the Fixed Assets staff to scan the JMU ID number decals.

Departments will be notified when they are scheduled for a scanned physical inventory. 

Scanned Inventory Process

Fixed Assets notifies the fixed assets coordinator by email that their department has been selected for scanning and attaches a Sunflower Inventory Report for review and familiarity with what will be scanned. A week after being notified, the fixed assets coordinator is contacted by phone and an appointment date and time is scheduled. All equipment MUST be available and accessible for scanning at the arranged date and time. PRIOR to the appointed time, the fixed assets coordinator is responsible for:

  • Arranging for all equipment used away from the office to be available at the scheduled time;
  • Verifying that the assets are accounted for and their location is known;
  • Arranging for all assets that are located in locked areas to be accessible on the day of the scan;
  • Notifying and reminding all faculty/staff that Fixed Assets will be in the department on the scheduled date/time to conduct the physical verification of assets.

Fixed Assets staff will come to the fixed assets coordinator’s office on the arranged date/time and will have the fixed assets coordinator escort them around the department in order to scan the JMU ID# decal on each piece of equipment in their inventory. Items not found are noted as such in the barcode readers and an exception report is printed in our office once the data is uploaded from the barcode readers back into Sunflower. This exception report will be sent to the department head with instructions and due dates for following up on the missing items.

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