If you have lost an item on the JMU campus, you may contact the Building Coordinator(s) closest to where you believe it was lost.  Building coordinators and/or departments operate JMU Lost & Found independently to record found items, document if recovered by owners, and track transfer to JMU Surplus Property.

There is a minimum 60-day retention period and up to 120 days, items are then transferred to JMU Surplus Property (Refer to Policy 4202 – Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property).

Items of value (cash, credit/debit cards, checkbooks, checks, passports, wallets, valuable jewelry) can be held for 3 days, in order to try to locate the owner to come pick up the item. If any cash or coin is not claimed after 3 days, it is sent directly to the University Business Office. For all other items of value not claimed after 3 days, the items are sent to JMU Police Department.  Someone else cannot pick up a person’s wallet if it is being claimed.

Any illegal, unmarked, or mixed drugs found in items turned in are immediately sent to the JMU Police Department.  Any over-the-counter or prescription medicines not claimed are disposed of. 

JACards are sent to Card Services after attempt to contact the owner for pickup with no success.

Found keys are handled the following way:

  • JMU Residence Life keys (keys to dorms) – contact ORL x83349.
  • Other JMU office/building keys (says State Property) – sent to the FM Lockshop.
  • Non-JMU keys (vehicle, house, etc.) – are turned in to Surplus Property after being held for the minimum 60-day period.


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