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The Union Galleries, in essence, is an embodiment of the collective JMU student experience through means of artwork! We celebrate beautiful art created by and for students through displaying their photography within the Union’s walls. We work alongside photographers from all different backgrounds and perspectives; from Math majors to SMAD students, no matter your photography experience levels, anyone can be showcased! 

If photography is a hobby outside of your academic focus, the Union Galleries is for you! 

Our goal is to recognize the untapped artistic potential of students in non-art majors and share their work with the world! If this interests you, check out our submission page here!

Our exhibitions can be found in the Union in the Airport lounge, Second Floor Study Lounge, and in TDU. We swap out shows each semester, so keep a lookout!

Are you interested in having your photography showcased in The Union? We’d Love to hear from you!

Submit Your Work

Shows range in size from 15‑18 photographs and are on display for about 6 weeks. Photos need to be based around a common theme so that the show is tied together. The Union Art Galleries advertises for all shows and hosts an opening reception with refreshments.

Photography showcased in our galleries comes from a wide range of students, from math majors to SMAD students and people of all different photographic levels. If you do photography as a hobby outside of your academic focus, this opportunity is for you!


Meet the Director

Zoe Bewley

Gallery Director


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