James Madison University is the custodian or fiscal agent for Local/Agency Funds held for students, faculty, staff members and other activities.

The University assigns Financial Information System (FIS) Department Numbers (DeptID) in the 8xxxxx series of numbers to Local/Agency Funds.  Active department numbers are available in Section 2010 of the Financial Procedures Manual.

Responsibility for the proper business reason for expenditures rests with the individual or activity for which JMU is acting as the fiscal agent.

All purchases, including those funded by Local/Agency Funds, must comply with Procurement requirements. See Section 3045 of the Financial Procedures Manual for more information.

Departments/Activities procuring goods, services, and supplies with a value less than $10,000.00, and charged to Local/Agency funds, will use the James Madison University Accounting Voucher Form.

Local/Agency Funds department/activity may also obtain travel guidelines and Personal Vehicle Mileage Rates and Meal & Lodging Rates provided in the Financial Procedures Manual.

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