All lodging rates are governed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) rates. The traveler must search for the travel destination using the search criteria on this website:  

NOTE: The travel destination or lodging destination is the city or county in which the hotel is physically located. The hotel's mailing address should not be used for verification of city/county.  If the hotel is not within the city limits, the county in which it is located should be used for lodging rates.  If a location is not listed in the GSA table, the standard rate applies.

The M&IE Rates located at the link below provide individual meal reimbursement amounts. These rates should be used to determine the maximum meal reimbursement amounts for official business meals and/or the M&IE reduction.

The M&IE must be reduced for the applicable meal when meals are provided at no cost during an overnight travel period.  Refer to the Prorations and Reductions section for additional guidance.  The M&IE Rates listed on the website include amounts for the 75% travel days.

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