.100 General

A department number is a unique number, consisting of six digits, which identifies a specific department or activity of the University. It is used to facilitate the accumulation of accounting information relative to each department or activity. The applicable department number should be included on all financial documents that require entry into the University Financial Information System. The Department Numbers are categorized as follows:

1XXXXX Educational and General
2XXXXX Student Financial Assistance/Other
3XXXXX Auxiliary Enterprises
4XXXXX Restricted
5XXXXX Financial Assistance for Educational and General Services (Grants and Contracts)
7XXXXX Capital Projects
8XXXXX Agency/Local Funds
9XXXXX Clearing

.200 Listing of Numbers

Detailed listings of department numbers and descriptions are included with this section. Listings are provided in numerical sequence by Department Number and in alphabetical sequence by Department Name.  Departments are authorized to use ONLY those Department numbers for which signature authority is on file in the Office of Finance. Refer to Section 3020 of this manual for information regarding signature authority. Questions or requests concerning department numbers should be directed to Financial Reporting.

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