FACT – the Finance and Administration Certificate Program is a series of advanced training programs, most of which are included as foundation topics covered in the Finance 101 online series and/or AACP workshops offered through the Talent Development Office. The purpose for offering the FACT training is to have a more informed campus community which ultimately provides professional development and facilitates more efficient business processes within the university.

The FACT sessions speak more towards why we have the policies and procedures with which we are required to comply and to provide you with more specific, advanced-level information on these topics. Time will also be allocated to allow cohort members to share challenges and best practices, therefore those interested in participating should also be willing to actively participate.

Individuals wishing to participate in the Fall 2023 FACT Cohort should review the criteria for participation on the Intent to Enroll form, complete the Intent to Enroll – New Participant form, attach the required Training Summary and send these documents to Tish Leeth at MSC 5711. Eligible participants will be enrolled in the course by Cash & Investments and will receive confirmation of their enrollment. Intent to Enroll forms for the Fall 2023 cohort are due by October 20, 2023. All forms may also be submitted via email to iis.finance@jmu.edu..

2023 Fall Schedule

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