Mission Statement

It is the primary mission of Payroll Services at James Madison University to serve our customer, the JMU employee, by providing reliable, responsive, and timely service in support of the University's compensation, benefits, payroll tax related and reporting services.

Our office will administer the regulations of federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Labor and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. We will enhance reliability through education of our internal staff and the campus community, and foster prudent fiscal management.

Vision Statement

The Payroll Services office seeks to always support the mission of our office as well as that of James Madison University through leadership, professionalism, and expert knowledge of payroll related issues.  We aspire to be responsive to our customer's needs by providing accurate and timely information while maintaining confidentiality, honesty, and accountability.


Reliability - we value reliability in the timeliness as well as accuracy of our work.

Honesty - we value honesty in all we do and say.

Confidentiality - we value the confidentiality of every person and every situation.

Collaboration - we value collaboration with others and appreciate their opinions.

Consistency - we value the consistent application of policies and procedures.

Accountability - we value accountability and are accountable for our actions.

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