James Madison University uses the PeopleSoft Finance System. We have over 500+ users on campus that have diverse capabilities in the system. Our departmental users have the ability to review budgets, expenditures, and run monthly summary and detail reports. Some users also have the ability to reconcile their Small Purchase Charge Card and/or cards issued to others in their department as well.

For those who need access to the Finance System in order to perform their job duties, an online Request Access Form must be submitted for approval. The employee, the employee's supervisor, or a 3rd party person can submit the request. The employee and their supervisor must approve the request before it is processed by the Finance Office. For more information, please visit the link below.

For SPCC Cardholders needing to add or make changes to the data associated with their Small Purchase Charge Card, an electronic 'Manager Reconcilers Form' and/or 'Manage Department IDs Form' must be completed in the PeopleSoft Finance System to provide the information, and obtain the approvals needed to update the card.

The Manage Reconcilers Form is used by any current SPCC cardholder who needs to add or delete employees given access reconcile their monthly card charges in the PeopleSoft Finance System.

The Manage Department IDs Form is used by any current SPCC cardholder who needs to add or delete Department ID numbers that can be used in reconciling charges on their SPCC. Once this form has been submitted, the Department Head (listed in Signature Authoirty) who oversees the department ID number you are requesting to add will receive an email letting them know they have a Manage Department ID Form awaiting their approval.  Approvers have the option to approve through MyMadison, or the core Finance System (if they are setup as regular system users). Once their approval is logged, your request will be processed by Accounting Technology and you will be notified as the Cardholder when the data is updated.

Please contact Brittany Sherman (sherm2bm@jmu.edu 8/7078) with any questions on SPCC access.

Click the link below to access the Finance System to submit a form.

The Signature Authority reports list the names of employees who currently have authority to approve electronic Cherwell IS Access requests, and identifies the Department Head who can approve electronic PeopleSoft Manage Department ID Forms. For all new department IDs, a Signature Authority Form will need to be completed and sent to Pam Crowe, MSC 5719 or crowepm@jmu.edu. For more information, please visit the link below.

To become a Finance System user you must complete a brief training session (Finance Overview - IT610 to run departmental reports and Finance Credit Card Recon - IT611 to reconcile charge cards). You can register for the training classes through MyMadison.

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