The primary purpose of the prepaid card training is to provide users with information for each prepaid card training type and use, as well as procedures. There will be a separate training component for each prepaid card type (this is not related to the Bank of America SPCC or Travel Card.)

Faculty and staff involved in administration of prepaid cards within their department are required to complete this training prior to submitting requests for prepaid cards. Once the training is complete, the individual will complete a brief survey at the end of the training which will confirm directly to Cash and Investments that training has been completed. Prepaid card requests will not be processed until training is completed. Please direct any questions to

JMU U.S. Bank Prepaid Card Programs

Steps to obtain GSA Per diem calculation

  • U.S. Bank Corporate Rewards Prepaid Card Program
  • U.S. Bank Focus Blue Reloadable Card Program

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