The Division of Administration and Finance is committed to customer service excellence in support of the university mission. The Division stated values include:

  • Service-Oriented
  • Student-Centered
  • Ethical
  • Quality-Centered
  • Accountable
  • Innovative

The Division shall provide superior customer service while ensuring proper internal control and maintaining compliance with university, state, and federal laws and policies.

The Division conducts its affairs and administers the university’s resources, data, information, and records at the highest level of professionalism and in an ethical manner as to ensure that the tests of public scrutiny and prudent stewardship are consistently met.

The adopted values and work accomplished by the Division are based on high ethical standards, which focus on behavioral choices made in the execution of duties and responsibilities. The James Madison University Division of Administration & Finance professional ethics include:


Rely on others to uphold their covenants, believe in their ability and willingness to do so, rely on and be confident in the character, ability, strength, and truth of others.


Be fair and straight-forward in conduct, refuse to harbor hidden agendas, commit to objective decision making where each individual, unit, or department is treated fairly in an environment free from bias or favoritism.


Adhere to the university’s values (student-centered, excellence, integrity, and mutual respect) and make decisions based on the greater good to the university and not to the individual. Avoid conflicts of interest by meeting the university’s Conflict of Interest Policy.


Believe that all members of the university community are worthy of high regard and the treatment of all with civility, consideration, and care.


Provide full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable work. Take responsibility for the work and services performed. Be responsive to the needs of the university community.

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