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Finance Resources for JMU Employees

Finance Forum 

These resources are frequently used by JMU employees with fiscal and administrative responsibilities:
Accounting Operations & Disbursement FAQs

Basic Controls for the receipt of funds:  Finance Procedures Section 4105

Cut-Off Date Schedule provided by Financial Reporting

Procurement web page
eVA training & gaining access - information and registration

University Community memos from Finance

University Business Office

VISA Charge Card information and applications 

New fiscal employee "to do" list:
  • Submit any appropriate changes to signature authority for affected Deptid#(s), including removing names of past employee
  • Request access to the Finance system or update access already in place as duties change or credit cards are added & attend training
  • Apply for VISA Charge cards as appropriate for applicable duties and attend Finance SPCC training if needed
  • Submit request for eVA access and attend training
  • Request "Introduction to JMU Finance" training from Cash & Investments Office
  • Request your name be added to the Finance Forum listserv and attend the monthly sessions by emailing the departmental mailbox
  • NOTE:  the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office will assist with many of the functions when a new sponsored program has been awarded:  

All employees should review the JMU Manual of Policies and Procedures ( ).  The following policies are particularly relative for those with fiscal responsibilities:
  • 1108 Internal Controls, 1109 Records Management, 1210 E-Commerce
  • 2201 Sponsored Programs Proposals - Pre-Award/Post-Award Procedures - procedures governing projects partial/fully funded by external sources
  • 4100 Signature Authority on Contracts - authority granted to specific individuals to legally bind the University
  • 4101 Contractual Agreements - Student Clubs and Organizations
  • 4201 Procurement - regulations for procurement of goods and services
  • 4501 University and Affiliated Business - note: all collection of monies, for any purpose, must first be approved by the AVP of Finance
  • 5101 Solicitation of Private Funds - note: employees are not authorized to accept donations on behalf of the university without prior approval by appropriate authorized administrators