The Equipment Trust Fund Program administered by SCHEV provides an additional funding source that allows higher education institutions to purchase equipment needed for instruction and research. Equipment purchased with Trust Fund monies is not immediately owned by the University, but is financed through the issuance of revenue bonds by the VCBA through the Department of the Treasury. Once a revenue bond matures (for a particular allocation), ownership passes to the University. In addition to general rules applicable to all equipment, specific guidelines apply to the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of ETF equipment. Failure to satisfy these requirements could jeopardize future allocations of ETF monies. Please refer to Section 6005 of the Financial Procedures Manual for more information.

Early ProcessETF equipment can be purchased “early” (or prior to SCHEV approval in October-December) if the equipment has been previously approved by SCHEV (purchased in previous years). A list of pre-approved items is incorporated into the ETF–Early Purchase form (link below).  All ETF–Early Purchase forms must be submitted to Mariea McNeill ( by e-mail before 5:00pm usually the last Friday of August.  The official date will be published on the calendar.  You can continue to submit orders for this equipment in eVA throughout the month of September if not done already.

NOTE: The early purchase process does not occur every year. A decision is made by upper management each year as to whether equipment will be purchased before October.

Pending Approval ProcessETF equipment requests that are not purchased “early” or requests for equipment needing review by JMU/SCHEV can be submitted for review during the month of August. The actual dates will be published when it is finally determined. Requests are reviewed against the criteria set forth in the ETF policy and procedures manual. They should be submitted to Attn: Barbie Shifflett on the ETF – Pending Approval form (see link below). Please provide any additional information to aid in the review and evaluation for these items. After requests have been reviewed, items will be submitted to SCHEV in September. Notice of authorization from SCHEV to proceed with approved ETF purchases can be expected sometime between mid October and the end of December.

"Early" Process

Basic Workflow, Rules & Regulations, and Requisition Requirements

Early Purchase Form
(equipment request form)

Pending Approval Process

Basic Workflow, Rules & Regulations, and Requisition Requirements

Pending Approval Form
(equipment request form)

Receiving Report

Manual Requisition
(used only with a bulk order initated by Information Systems)

ETF Calendar

When can I surplus my equipment?

Any questions relating to purchases and purchase qualifications should be directed to Mariea McNeill at 540.568.3724 or


Employee Function

Barbie Shifflett 
Budget Management
Contact Info

  • Initial memo to Dean's
  • Receives final requests from departments
  • Compiles list for SCHEV

Judy Murphy
Fixed Assets
Contact Info

  • Issues reference numbers for early purchases
  • Reviews and approves Equipment Trust Fund requisitions
  • Monitors department expenditures to stay within allocations
  • Assigns JMU barcode decals to ETF equipment

Mariea McNeill
Fixed Assets
Contact Info

  • Fixed Assets Inventories
  • Issues reference numbers for early purchases
  • Reviews and approves Equipment Trust Fund requistions
  • Monitors department expenditures to stay within allocations
  • Surplus of ETF equipment

Yvonne Tomlin Tobey
Fixed Assets
Contact Info

  • Surplus of ETF equipment
  • Fixed Assets Inventories

Items Excluded from ETF Funding

  • Library books, films, videotapes and library materials
  • Microfilm collection and materials
  • Library shelving
  • Office appurtenances (blinds, carpet, file cabinets and similar items)
  • Office furniture (desks, chairs, tables and similar items)
  • Transportation equipment
  • Equipment normally affixed to a building or functional as a part of an operating system of a building
  • Climate control and security systems
  • General telecommunications equipment
  • Building
  • Equipment (except computers) with a useful life of less than 7 years
  • Computers with a useful life of less than 3 years
  • General applications software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
  • Items costing less than $500
  • Used equipment 

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