Jill Dean

Director of Payroll Services

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Payroll department email:                   

General Information:  540-568-6233

  • The Paycheck Modeler will be available in MyMadison beginning July 18th. The Paycheck Modeler is a tool that employees can use to make changes in their earnings, deductions and/or taxes to get an estimate on how those changes will impact their paycheck. The Paycheck Modeler will be unavailable each year from June 21st through July 11th for fiscal year end maintenance.

  • Payroll Services has changed several deadlines on our payroll calendar…specifically Z22 & Z24 pay runs.  If you have printed and/or previously distributed copies of the calendar, please discard them and begin using this one.

  • The IRS Tax Withholding Estimator is now available.  Employees are encouraged to speak with their tax advisor, or use the calculator, to ensure they are claiming the proper allowances on their Form W-4.

  • Aramark's Payroll Office is located @ 752 Ott Street
  • Aramark's Payroll Phone Numbers:   540.568.2533
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