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General Information:  540-568-6233

  • On December 22nd, President Trump signed the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law. Effective with the February 16th pay date, JMU will implement the new 2018 tax withholding tables associated with these new tax changes.  As a result, your net paycheck will change.

    The new withholding tables are designed to work with the Form W-4 that you already have on file. This is intended to minimize the burden on both you and JMU. You do not have to do anything at this time.

    The IRS’ Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional information on withholding changes for 2018 and 2019. Additionally, to help you determine your withholding, the IRS is revising its withholding tax calculator. The IRS anticipates that the calculator will be available by the end of February.  Form W-4 will be revised, as well.  Employees should consult their tax advisors with any questions regarding how the Federal Tax law changes may impact their personal income tax or withholding elections.

    Note: For 2019, the IRS anticipates making further changes involving withholding, which may necessitate employees to file new Forms W-4 next year. JMU will communicate these changes, as further information and guidance is provided by the IRS.

  • Aramark's Payroll Office is located @ 752 Ott Street
  • Aramark's Payroll Phone Numbers:   540.568.2533
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