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The Counseling Center provides support and services to JMU students who are military-connected from Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, to ROTC. Counseling Center staff can provide assistance to JMU students who are dealing with the stress that comes from the cycle of deployment, transitioning to civilian and college life, navigating dual identies as students and service members/veterans, and connecting with campus and community resources. Counseling Center clinicians can help veterans identify, prioritize, and implement strategies to address their specific concerns and challenges.

Transitioning to an Academic Setting

Active duty service members and student veterans have to make numerous transitions to adjust to civilian life and a college campus. It is normal to expect there to be some challenges and stress in creating a meaningful and succesful academic lifestyle. Here are some suggestions for making a successful transition to college.

Signs You Might Need Counseling
  • Diminished interest to participate in important or previously enjoyed activities
  • Feeling emotionally distant, detached, and/or estranged from others
  • Difficulty having or expressing a full range of emotions
  • Sleep difficultes
  • Suicidal or self-injurious thoughts, feelings, or behaviors
  • Frequent experiences of irritability, anger, or rage
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs
  • Persistent difficulties with authority
  • Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, guilt, or shame
  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms (e.g. recurring and intrusive memories,
    reliving traumatic event, hypervigilance, easily startled, intense distress related to event)
On-Campus Resources

There are numerous on campus resources for military connected JMU students. There are dedicated staff in the Office of the Resgistrar to assist with accessing and understanding educational benefits. The JMU Student Veteran's Association is a student organization designed to increase connection and support. The Veteran's Scholars Task Force is a coalition of faculty, staff, and students that support student veterans.

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