Statement of Commitment

The Counseling Center staff is deeply aware that many students are struggling in profound ways. From devastating worldwide disasters to the far-reaching destabilization of the Covid-19 pandemic to the alarming rise in violent attacks against communities made vulnerable by prejudice and injustice, these times are unprecedented.

We know the lived experience of inequity, discrimination, and economic disparity is not new for members of historically and currently marginalized communities, and also acknowledge that the horrific and frequently recurring nature of these incidents adds an overwhelming burden of pain, grief, fear, anger, and trauma to the stressors already inherent in the lives and experiences of JMU students who hold, and exist at the intersections of, targeted identities.

As a Center committed to providing culturally-responsive and trauma-informed services, we condemn hate and oppression and hold a safe, inclusive, and affirming space for any impacted student needing support. Recognizing this as an ongoing and ever-evolving reality, our staff continues to gain diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice education and training to improve our effectiveness as providers and advocates. We believe every person has an equal right to be treated with dignity and respect as an individual, and we are here for you.

Resource Information

For BIPOC Students
We provide mental health services designed to support our diverse university community.

For International Students 
Mental health resources for international students at James Madison Universtiy. 

For LGBTQIQA Students 
We offer a wide range of services designed to support students in their exploration of sexual orientations and gender identities.

For Military Connected Students 
We provide mental health services and resources for military service connected students.

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