Specialized Workshops at a Glance

The Counseling Center offers specialized workshops to assist JMU students with a variety of goals, including: reducing anxiety symptoms, increasing coping strategies, managing stress, and improving self-care. These include a 3-part program (Anxiety Toolbox) and 1-part program (Cope 60). These free drop-in workshops offer numerous evidence-based strategies and interventions and are one of the quickest ways to reduce symptoms.

Anxiety Toolbox, Closure to Courage, & Cope 60

The Counseling Center specialized workshops meet for 50-60 minutes. They are structured workshops, similar to a classroom lecture. This is not a group counseling experience. You do not have to disclose personal information and process. This experience is similar to taking a course on decreasing anxiety and improving functioning. For many students who participate, they experience enough of a symptom reduction, they do not need additional clinical services. However, participants can discuss additional services with their facilitator. These programs are highly recommended as a quick and efficient way to reduce symptoms and feel better fast. Some of the program content is also available through our self-help resources.


Anxiety Toolbox: 

Offers one of the quickest ways to access evidence-based strategies and interventions to reduce anxiety symptoms. This series consists of three 50-minute structured workshops that build on the information shared in each part:

Part 1:
Assists with understanding your anxiety, introduces controlled breathing for slowing down and disrupting the experience of anxiety, and provides information to assist with healthy sleep.

Part 2:
Assists with understanding the situations and thoughts that can increase and maintain your anxiety, and provides an opportunity to practice a useful relaxation technique to reduce tension.

Part 3:
Introduces alternative ways to respond to your anxiety, and provides resources to create a personalized action plan for managing anxiety.


Closure to Courage:

Offers tools and skills to help you cope, move forward, and thrive following the end of a relationship. This series consists of three 50-minute structured workshops each designed to teach different skills:

Part 1:
Assists with first steps by learning coping skills, strategies for re-establishing routines, and understanding the difficulties experienced after a breakup or relationship ends.

Part 2:
Allows you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, explore your values and needs to know what you want from the relationships in your life.

Part 3:
Delves into the context of relationships, exploring ways family, culture, and dating trends can all impact your relationship expectations and hopes. 


Cope 60

Offers the quickest way to learn evidence-based strategies and practice skills to reduce stress symptoms and increase relaxation. In this 60-minute workshop you'll practice and/or learn about:

- Breathing techniques to decrease stress and increase focus
- Muscle relaxation
- Strategies to recognize and challenge unhelpful thoughts
- Grounding techniques
- Stress management resources

Upcoming Specialized Workshop Schedule

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3/04/24, Mon.​
4/22/24, Mon. Anxiety Toolbox: PART 3 SSC 3105 10 am - 11 am
4/22/24, Mon. Cope60 SSC 3105 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm
4/23/24, Tues. Anxiety Toolbox: PART 1 SSC 3105 9:30 am - 10:30 am
4/23/24, Tues. Anxiety Toolbox: PART 2 SSC 3105 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
4/23/24, Tues. Anxiety Toolbox: PART 3 SSC 3105 4 pm - 5 pm
4/24/24, Wed. Cope60 SSC 3105 10 am - 11 am
4/25/24, Fri. Anxiety Toolbox: PART 3 Miller 2170 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Visit our Workshop Schedule to see even more workshops offered by the Counseling Center.

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