Psychiatric Services At A Glance

Due to high demand, psychiatric services are only available to JMU students who are currently engaged in ongoing treatment at the Counseling Center. Students who are only interested in medication, need a refill, or medication management will be referred to a community provider.

Psychiatric Services & Appointments

Psychiatric staff at the Counseling Center are trained medical professionals who specialize in prescribing psychotropic medications for mental health concerns. We offer acute stabilization and time-limited psychiatric services to JMU students referred by one of our clinicians. 

Due to the high demand for psychiatric services, once students are stabilized on medication, they will be referred to a community provider for medication management. If you already have an ongoing relationship with a family physician or psychiatrist, you should maintain services with that provider until you become established with a provider in the Harrisonburg area.

During our initial psychiatric assessment, you will be asked a variety of questions about your current concerns and relevant medical history. The psychiatric provider will also review the information and recommendation from your Counseling Center clinician. One possible recommendation may be to start a prescription medication, to compliment the clinical services you are receiving. Although our psychiatric services are free, any medication and associated lab work costs are your financial responsibility, but are commonly covered through your health insurance.

If you are prescribed medication, you will need to attend periodic follow-up visits. These appointments are opportunities to discuss any concerns, side effects, or questions you have about your treatment.

ADHD Medication

Our psychiatric staff do not prescribe ADHD medication or provide refills for ADHD prescriptions. Visit our ADHD Self-Help section for information about ADHD medication, community providers, where to obtain assessments, campus accomodations, and other resources for ADHD related concerns. 

Emergency Services

During regular office hours, emergency appointments at the Counseling Center can be scheduled by phone (540-568-6552) or in person. Emergency appointments are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to appointment availability and the urgency of the request.

After hours, you should contact the Office of Public Safety (540-568-6911) and ask them to contact the on-call clinician.

If you are dealing with a life-threatening crisis situation that demands an immediate response, you may go to the Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital Emergency Room (2010 Health Campus Drive, 540-689-1414) or contact the Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Community Services Board (540-434-1941) for assistance.

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