Feedback From Our 2021-2022 Client Evaluations
  • 99%  found the front desk staff to be welcoming and helpful
  • 99%  felt that their counselor understood their concerns
  • 99%  indicated that their counselor seemed skilled and competent
  • 99%  reported that they felt that their information would be kept completely confidential
  • 90%  reported that their clinician was sensitive to various dimensions of diversity (9% responded "Not Applicable")
  • 75%  reported that counseling helped improve academic focus and performance (13% answered "Not Applicable")
  • 73%  agreed that because of counseling, they were more likely to stay in school (23% answered "Not Applicable")
Student Comments: (Quoted with permission)

"It is a peaceful and welcoming environment that is always friendly in their approach to any situation."

"Since it was my first experience with counseling, I liked that my counselor was supportive and helped me through the issues I was experiencing."

"I have learned how to be more vulnerable. I have also learned about why I feel the things I do and how to better respond to my emotions rather than shutting down."

"All of the staff was very friendly and patient. I always felt welcome when I went to the Counseling Center, and my experiences have strongly impacted how I think and perceive situations."

"I have never gone to counseling before, and this indeed was an eye-opening experience. I liked how comfortable and open I could be, that I could say anything, and everything I said was safe."

"I have learned how to unpack and begin processing difficult past experiences and emotions."

"What I liked best about my counseling experience was being able to talk to someone knowledgeable about how I think and feel and for them to help me work through some of the issues with that and come to a conclusion/understanding of how I can reframe things in a healthier way. I've learned that it's good to express my emotions and how I had some misconceptions about how I "should" act when I feel negatively."

"I really liked the Anxiety Toolbox. It helped me understand my anxiety better-- I feel more in control of my emotions. It gave me some skills to help manage my anxiety."

"I always felt very welcomed and I learned how to listen to my feelings instead of acting out on them."

"Everyone in the Counseling Center is extremely welcoming and helpful. I've learned how to look at my emotions and handle them."

"My clinician made me comfortable in every aspect and asked me questions to engage me in being vulnerable."

"I was able to talk about things in my past that have been bothering me, and somethings that I never realized were bothering me."

"Very inviting and kind."

"I feel JMU has great resources and I had no problem getting an appointment."

"My counselor was very welcoming and understanding and did a good job of creating that safe space for me."

"I feel so affirmed while also being challenged. I love my counselors interpersonal style and her focus on strategizing practical ways to address and approach mental ruts and hardships in the future."

"I love the art center and oasis. It is a great break away from school and other stressed."

"I felt that my counselor deeply cared about what I was going through. She always gave me new resources and exercises to work with. She helped me look at what I was going through in a different light and better control my emotions and reactions to things."

"It helped me work through my own problems by just receiving validation for my emotions and having a space to vent. I have learned that it is okay to open up and share my feelings because keeping them inside causes stress and anxiety."

"I feel heard and validated. I feel like I've learned areas where I struggle with myself that I need to improve upon. With counseling, I hope to continue to learn how to grow in those areas."

"Very open and helpful at directing me towards my needs expeditiously and with great care."

"I really liked the anxiety toolbox and the experience and skills I got from that."

"I loved how real and human everyone is. I like how we can have conversations and not feel a hierarchy that the staff are older than us. I enjoy the feeling of equality when entering the Counseling Center."

"I like how competent and understanding my counselor is and I have learned more about how to understand and manage my emotions."

"I've learned I'm not alone in my feelings and thoughts. that there is always a valid reason to feel the way you feel."

"I liked how I was able to be pushed by my counselor to figure out some tough things about myself. It was hard but it helped me."

"I liked that my counselor is very attentive and I've learned how to better mange my emotions and how to communicate effectively."


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