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Feedback from Counseling Center 2012-2013 Client Evaluations

  • 94% indicated that they were able to schedule an initial appointment in a reasonable period of time
  • 93% reported that their counselor understood their concerns
  • 93% indicated that their counselor seemed skilled and competent
  • 99% reported that they felt that their information would be kept completely confidential
  • 55% reported that counseling helped them to be more successful in school (28% answered "N/A")

Student Comments: (Quoted with permission)

It was an extremely difficult decision for me to go to counseling. I felt unsure about it and I thought it meant I was "weak." However, from the moment I entered the building I felt welcomed and at ease. There really isn't enough I could say about my counselor; she was kind, sweet, and caring. She showed a genuine interest in my problems and was willing to go above and beyond to help me. Even though she was nice, she was always willing to confront me on any issue and challenge me to explore parts of my life that were sensitive but vital to my mental health. I guess all I can really say is that I am grateful for her and the rest of the staff at Varner House

I learned a lot about relationships, self confidence, and my ability to have control over situations that I may have not realized I had control over before my sessions.

Wish I had learned about the Varner house earlier in my academic career its one of the best free resources

I liked actually confronting my problems and receiving help for them. I have had the same issues for five years and to finally be able to confront them was almost liberating.

I have had a very positive experience with the Counseling Center. I find the environment a comfortable place for me to explore the issues I am currently facing.

Change is hard, but through counseling I learned to let someone else into my life and let someone care about me, and now I'm trying to apply what I've learned about what a healthy relationship should consist of to my life.

I have already recommended this to many of my friends! It was and is a wonderful hand of help when I was struggling to pull myself out.

As a student athlete, I found my counselor was able to help me both on and off the field. Our meetings helped me make it through both my last two years at JMU and through my tough athletic seasons!

What I appreciated the most was the opportunity to have someone listen to me without judgment and support. I liked that my counselor pushed me to deal with certain things that I found difficult to face.

I have already begun to implement more positive ideas into the way I perceive myself as a person, and also attempted to create more positive relationships.

I've learned what makes me upset and frustrated from day to day and how to cope with it. I've learned how much talking about my problems helps me and that I am capable of controlling my emotions. I've learned to accept myself and be happy with who I am even if my surroundings are not the ones I want them to be. I've realized who my real friends are and developed a better relationship with my family.

I have become more confident, and am able to meet new people better. I am also able to be even more honest about things with people.

I liked just having someone to talk to in confidence.

I've learned to better take care of myself physically and learn to talk to my roommates about any current issues.

Honestly, I liked knowing I'd see someone every Friday who was open and willing to listen without judging me. My counselor is one of the few people in my life who have ever called me out on the negative things I do and because of that I've been able to acknowledge the problems and work on them. Life has gotten way better since seeing her.

Each session I surprise myself with something I learn that my counselor helps me realize
I really liked how my counselor asked me the questions that needed to be asked.

My counselor was able to draw things out of me that I knew but once verbalized, it made all the difference. She's great!

I felt respected and treated with kindness.

I have learned a lot about myself and where I need to improve my coping techniques

It let me talk about things I wasn't able to talk about with my friends.

I like that my counselor listens, really listens. I have felt sad after a session before, but my expectations are realistic in the fact that I know counseling is a challenge in a way because it opens up emotions that I have been bottling up. I like that my experience has helped me feel hopeful.

Having someone to talk to and listen to what I have to say. It's nice to know that they aren't going to judge me and are only there to help!

I loved getting to know myself through being able to be very open with an objective professional.

I have learned that I am stronger than I believed

I felt that it helped to lift a weight off of my shoulders by talking about my experiences with a professional.

I often feel relieved after a good session. I always have some sort of epiphany while talking to my counselor. It always helps just being able to talk.

What I liked best was feeling very comfortable in talking with my counselor. I was able to open up to him more that I have some of my close friends. I really appreciated him listening and helping me resolve issues

I've learned more about my approaches to problem solving and how to improve those skills. I've also learned how to grieve and heal from past scars.

It's helped me so much in ways that can't really be measured. It's more of an overall sense of purpose and belonging that I didn't feel before I started with my current counselor at the Counseling Center. I feel more in control of my feelings, though I know I have lots to work on! If it weren't for my counselor I would have dropped out of grad school and ruined my chances of applying to other grad programs.

My counselor has helped me quite a bit in becoming more comfortable with myself and understanding more of who I am. This in turn helps me remain comfortable in class, and other academic environments.

I've learned how to set more manageable personal goals for myself and I've learned how to better deal with difficult people.

Having the support here makes me feel that I can handle the work load and finish my program. Prior to calling for counseling I had considered not finishing my degree.

Counseling has improved my head-space, clearing the debris out of the way and leaving room for schoolwork! I am doing better in my classes than I ever have.

It has helped me to get my feelings out and therefore not let them fester in my mind while I'm trying to do more important things like study.

I would definitely say the counseling I received at Varner House helped me on so many levels. I feel I am a stronger individual just by feeling that I have been heard by someone who understands.

I have learned to be more introspective and have gained a spiritual well-being. It has helped me diffuse/ deal with numerous personal struggles.

While talking to my counselor I have found myself talking about problems that I never dealt with before. Talking about those kind of issues helped me to realize what the problem was and made me really deal with it.

I have learned about coping mechanisms, along with how to make good coping decisions. I learned how to deal with grief in more positive ways than I was already dealing with it. I learned a lot about my relationship with both my parents. I also learned a lot about my work ethic for school.

I have made too many changes to count. My life has made a complete 180 degree turn.

•94% indicated that they were able to schedule an initial appointment in a reasonable period of time

•93% reported that their counselor understood their concerns

•93% indicated that their counselor seemed skilled and competent

•99% reported that they felt that their information would be kept completely confidential

•55% reported that counseling helped them to be more successful in school (28% answered "N/A")