Feedback From Our 2022-2023 Client Evaluations
  • 100%  found the front desk staff to be welcoming and helpful
  • 99%  felt that their counselor understood their concerns
  • 99%  indicated that their counselor seemed skilled and competent
  • 98%  reported that they felt that their information would be kept completely confidential
  • 89%  reported that their clinician was sensitive to various dimensions of diversity (9% responded "Not Applicable")
  • 80%  reported that counseling helped improve academic focus and performance (11% answered "Not Applicable")
  • 80%  agreed that because of counseling, they were more likely to stay in school (17% answered "Not Applicable")
Student Comments: (Quoted with permission)

“I really love how welcoming and calming the environment within the Center is, both in the lobby and in the appointment offices. It puts me at ease and helps me feel comfortable.”

“I recommend the JMU Counseling Center to literally everyone I know- no matter the need (big or small). It feels like such a comfortable safe space and has really helped me grow.”

“I’ve worked through some very traumatic experiences and she was there every step of the way. I felt seen, heard, and supported.”

“It has given me a space to talk out my feelings and thoughts as someone who has worked in residence life for a while, it’s nice to have a place for myself to vent and feel heard. I have learned how important it is to take care of myself. that I am just as worthy as the help I give to others.”

“My counselor was tremendous and has made me a much better person. I've really learned how to confront my emotions and discuss my feelings with people, which I struggled with before.”

“My favorite part was how welcoming and understanding everyone was. I felt truly cared about and like I mattered. I learned a lot about where my emotions come from and how they make me feel. I learned how to deal with situations and felt like people truly care about me.”

“My clinician challenges me to think about thinks I wouldn’t have on my own.”

“The experience was really easy, comfortable, and effective. I felt very understood and heard.”

“I liked that my counselor had great listening skills and I always felt comfortable confiding in them with the current issues. I have learned a bit more about myself and who I am as a person, and I am to appreciate myself more because of counseling. Which is a big difference because before I dealt with my problems alone and I always pushed aside who I am.”

“I came into counseling because I lost a bet, but it has helped me more than I could have imagined. I have learned that it is okay to ask for help.”

“I felt very understood and seen from my sessions. I felt that I was able to move on from the past.”

“I have felt so welcomed and supported by the Counseling Center staff. This is truly the most important resource on campus, in my personal opinion. This place has changed my life.”

“Helped me deal with emotions I have avoided.“

“Counseling has definitely allowed me to become more self-aware and get past old traumas or at least acknowledge them.”

“Easy to schedule appointments. I learned how to better control my overthinking.”

“I have enjoyed having another person perspectives on the challenges in my life. I have learned I really enjoy counseling.”

“I just appreciate how much everyone cared about me to be quite honest.  I’ve learned a lot of things here, but I guess most importantly I’ve learned some better coping mechanisms.”

“I learned to understand my hidden internal processes and frameworks that were holding me back and how to overcome them! I love that my clinician leads me to these discoveries myself!

“I just liked having someone to talk through all of the obstacles life thrown at me. It was refreshing and helpful to hear from someone that could actually help me get through the issues.”

“My experience has been life changing. I started therapy for the death of a loved one and there have been topics and trauma well outside of grief that we have continued to tackle. I have gained an appreciation for self-love from group therapy, I have explored various therapeutic techniques including EMDR and medication even though both were very scary for me to try. I can't explain in words how much transformation I've gone through as a product of your services. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for and with me.”

“Right now, I’m still kind of feeling it out this is my first therapy/counseling experience so I’m not 100% sure what it should be like. However, it feels good and has helped me better realize my feelings and emotions.”

“The questions my counselor asks drives the session and helps me make connections.”

“The environment & people are extremely welcoming, accepting, & willing to accommodate to our needs! I have learned to get myself more self-compassion & to not let my anxious thoughts win the day.”

“My counselor has brought me so much confidence in myself during times I struggled to find it. Her demeanor and empathy has always made me feel safe and welcomed.”

“The staff and atmosphere of the Counseling Center make it such a nice place to walk into each week. I enjoy the level of care my counselor gives and additional resources she provides me. I’ve learned a lot about positive self-talk, healthy relationships, and ways to challenge myself when it comes to depression and self-isolation. I have also learned more about what my future with counseling looks like when I leave JMU.”

“Main thing is a guarantee that my info is kept confidential.”

“My counselor has made me feel very comfortable, I’ve learned many tools to help me work through my struggles. I feel like I’m speaking to someone who truly cares.”

“I liked the overall experience of talking about my emotions. I learned to better handle all of my thoughts.”

“I liked the fact that my thoughts are feelings are heard in a judgement free zone.”

“The staff and environment is really peaceful and welcoming.”

“I really feel connected to my therapist and I feel that she has been such a benefit to my life. I have learned new coping skills and ways to help myself through issues.”

“I loved my counseling experience and I have been able to work through much of my past issues with depression and anxiety.”

“My favorite things about my counseling experience was how friendly and welcoming everyone is! I have learned a lot about how I tend to work though problems and how to try to deal with problems more effectively if people don’t see my point of view.”

“My counselor has made some feel very comfortable in my sessions. I’ve learned many new skills to help me with my struggles. I feel like my counselor really cares.”

“I liked that it’s very personal, and learned how to control stress.”

“I’m working on talking through my stressors. I really liked dedicating presence to talking through my stress with a person who is there to help.”

“I really love being able to talk to someone with no bias on situations in my life, so I can hear true feedback.”

“That it was taken at my pace and is an accessible resource.”

“The welcoming environment and focused approach to everything.”

“You are able to express yourself freely.”

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