Feedback From Our 2023-2024 Client Evaluations
  • 100%  found the front desk staff to be welcoming and helpful
  • 99%  felt that their counselor understood their concerns
  • 99%  indicated that their counselor seemed skilled and competent
  • 98%  reported that they felt that their information would be kept completely confidential
  • 85%  reported that their clinician was sensitive to various dimensions of diversity (15% responded "Not Applicable")
  • 74%  reported that counseling helped improve academic focus and performance (18% answered "Not Applicable")
  • 70%  agreed that because of counseling, they were more likely to stay in school (27% answered "Not Applicable")
Student Comments: (Quoted with permission)

“I liked how friendly the staff is and the whole experience has been very calming for me. I learned that I am able to come to the counseling center if I ever need support.”

"I loved how my counselor listened to my concerns and helped me create a plan and a way to handle the situations that were causing me difficulties."

"It is good to talk things out and I have learned tools to help me mentally and emotionally."

“What I like the best about my counseling service here is that I feel like the entire staff knows how to really work well with college aged students. It can be hard to find a psychologist/therapist who understands young adults but the counseling center here does an amazing job at it. Since I've started going, I've had a lot of positive experiences and feel seen and heard by everyone here. I also love all the other services that are offered like the painting studio and the oasis.”

"My favorite part of counseling was having a supporter see me through my hardships, work, and my growth. I learned how my feelings are valid and life is beautiful even when it rains."

"I liked being able to just talk things through, and understand situations clearly."

“I feel incredibly safe and welcome by all members of the counseling center. I feel I can express my feelings without the need to hide anything.”

“Everyone in the counseling center is so nice and understanding! I've learned so much about myself and how to develop healthy strategies for myself moving forward. I love coming in to the counseling center because it makes me excited to work on myself!”

“I like being able to have a safe place to express my feelings and concerns and being able to get more in tune with my emotions and the mental health issues I am battling. It took having those conversations and working through those hard moments for me to get better understanding of who I am and how to cope with all the things going on around me and I am very grateful to have those experiences. I am very glad the university offers this free of charge to students because not having to deal with the financial burden of paying for this counseling has made a world of difference to me.”

“How my counselor listens to me. I've never had someone actually listening to me.”

“I loved how warm and welcoming everyone was. Everyone made me feel important and like a priority. It's been so amazing having this resource and I've learned so much about myself.”

“It has helped me immensely through an extremely difficult point in my life. Without this resource I would have been completely alone in dealing with my current circumstances. It has been a safety net to help me stay on my feet and keep going.”

"I liked the calm environment of meetings. It was very relaxed, which made me feel comfortable to open up. I learned that a lot of what I am going through is normal and there are ways to cope with what I am dealing with."

"I have learned better ways to improve my mental health and cope with it around others."

"Everyone is very genuine and here to help you, I have learned a lot about myself and how to handle and express my emotions better and have more self control."

“The amount of care put into me as a person is something I've never experienced before, it is wonderful in every way.”

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