TimelyCare is here for JMU students - 24/7, 365 days a year. Use your student email address to sign in at timelycare.com/jmu.


What is TimelyCare? James Madison University has partnered with TimelyMD for students to have access to virtual mental health and well-being services for free through TimelyCare. Students do not need insurance and do not need to visit the JMU Counseling Center to access TimelyCare services. Through this partnership, each calendar year students will have access to:

  • TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at any time (i.e. anxiety, relationships, depression, school-related stressors, etc.). Students can connect to TalkNow within minutes to discuss any level of concern, from conflicts with roommates to more serious mental health crises.

  • Scheduled Counseling: Up to 12 scheduled telehealth counseling visits annually with a licensed mental health provider, either in Virginia or the rest of the U.S. Choose the day, time, and mental health provider that best works for you.

  • Psychiatry: Scheduled appointments are available, and no referral is needed. Learn how to access care. (NOTE: Because of federal health regulations, TimelyCare providers are not able to prescribe controlled substances, see FAQ for more information). For more information about prescriptions, please call TimelyCare 833-4-TIMELY.

  • Health Coaching: Schedule virtual appointment(s) with a certified health coach to talk about: nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, mindfulness, and/or goal setting to enhance health and well-being.

  • Peer Community: This anonymous, peer-to-peer support within the TimelyCare app provides students a place to connect with other students across the country who face similar challenges. Peer-to-peer support is not a substitute for counseling from a licensed mental health provider. However, it can be a step that students take to experience support from peers.

  • Self-Care Journeys & Content: Visit the “Explore” page within TimelyCare for guided self-care content, including yoga and meditation sessions, as well as group conversations with our providers on a variety of health and well-being topics.

Students have access to TimelyCare services 365 days a year. That means you have access during breaks, after-hours, and any time you need support! Visit timelycare.com/jmu to get started.

 * Graduating and Unenrolled students will lose access to TimelyCare services within 30 days of graduation and/or unenrolling from JMU. If you are using TimelyCare currently, planning to graduate or unenroll, and would like assistance in connecting with new providers following graduation/change in student status then call 1-833-4- TIMELY and ask for care navigation for support in connecting with a community provider. For additional information about community mental health resources, you can also visit the Counseling Center’s Community Resources page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

TimelyCare FAQs

TimelyCare is a virtual health and well-being platform available 24/7 for JMU students.

Any enrolled JMU student can use TimelyCare.

Go to timelycare.com/jmu or download the TimelyCare app to access care.

There is no cost to enrolled JMU students.

With TimelyCare, you will have free, 24/7 access to providers from anywhere in the United States, regardless of your insurance status. So, you’ll never have to spend time or money looking for care, whether you’re on or off campus.

TimelyCare does not bill your insurance. TimelyCare’s services are free to currently enrolled JMU students. During the registration process, you will be prompted to answer brief questions about your physical health and mental health. This information is gathered to assist with providing you the best support services and recommendations. TimelyCare asks if you have insurance and/or who your provider is. This assists their clinicians in providing individualized referrals and recommendation (i.e., if additional support services are recommended outside of or following support you receive from TimelyCare or if psychiatric support and medication prescription(s) are provided).

TimelyCare’s providers can offer support for a wide range of common concerns, and after talking to you, will decide on the best course of treatment.

TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand emotional support to talk about anything, including anxiety, relationships, depression, and school-related stressors.

Scheduled Counseling: Choose the day, time, and mental health providers that works best for you.

Health Coaching: Talk with a health coach to assist with developing healthy nutrition, sleep habits, time management, and mindfulness.

Psychiatry: Appointments are available without a referral needed. 

Self-Care Content: Visit the Explore page within TimelyCare for guided self-care videos (i.e., breathing, stretching, meditation, yoga, etc.).

TimelyCare’s services are free to currently enrolled JMU students. No referral is needed to connect with scheduled TimelyCare Psychiatry appointments. Visit the TimelyCare Psychiatry page to learn how to access services. See FAQ below for medications TimelyCare Psychiatric providers are not able to prescribe. 

TimelyCare providers do not perform:

  • Neuropsychiatric testing for ADHD
  • Neuropsychiatric and education assessment to diagnose specific learning disabilities
  • Psychological testing for personality disorders such as the MMPI.

A psychiatrist is typically a physician with an M.D. or a D.O. degree or an advanced practice nurse practitioner who can prescribe medications for psychiatric disorders. Typically, an initial visit lasts 45-60 minutes, and a general review of symptoms and history will take place to determine if medications are needed. Follow-up visits last an average of 15 minutes.

Because of federal telehealth regulations, TimelyCare providers are not able to prescribe controlled substances, which include the following categories of medications:

  • Controlled substance stimulants for ADHD such as: Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta
  • Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin
  • Opioids/Opiates: Norco, Vicodin, Oxycodone.

For more information about prescriptions, please call TimelyCare 833-4-TIMELY.

A medication refill still requires a full initial Psychiatry visit that lasts about an hour in order for the prescriber to determine if the refill is appropriate or not. See above FAQ for medications TimelyCare providers are NOT ALLOWED to prescribe (i.e., Controlled Substance Stimulants, Benzodiazepines, Opioids/Opiates).

TimelyCare providers can make reccomendations for what types of testing should be performed, but do not make official insurance-based referrals. Each student accessing care through TimelyCare needs to check with their insurance company to determine the process of how to get an official referral to ensure such testing will be approved and covered by their insurance company. For patients without insurance, TimelyCare’s Care Coordination team will try to provide students with contact information of potential local resources that they can look into as options.

Yes, your provider will work with you to set a care plan and appointment scheduling. Ideally, for those who require long-term treatment, the goal is to begin the process of helping the student get situated with a local in-person psychiatrist as TimelyCare provides treatment during this transition.

No, TimelyCare providers do not write ESA letters.

Students are encouraged to see a therapist while receiving psychiatry treatment, although it is not a requirement by TimelyCare.

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