Tim Bloss

Mechanisms of cell death in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Justin Brown

Physiology of stress responses in the neonatal brain

Corey Cleland

Neurobiology of movement using the simple spinal reflexes in rats

Dean Cocking

Landscape and community ecology; mercury as an ecosystem contaminant

Idelle Cooper

Evolution and ecology, the evolution of phenotypic variation

Steve Cresawn

Bacteriophage genomics

Janet Daniel

Biochemistry and molecular biology of glucose transport across membranes

Ray Enke

Epigenetics and genomics; gene regulation in developing and diseased retinal neurons

Mark Gabriele

Developmental mechanisms that shape multisensory neural maps.

Katrina Gobetz

Functional morphology of burrowing vertebrates; diet of extinct herbivores.

Heather Peckham Griscom

Forest restoration ecology in tropical and temperate regions

Susan Halsell

Genetic and molecular characterization of shape changes during development

James Herrick 

Transmissible antibiotic resistance in streams; comparative genomics of environmental Salmonella and other pathogens

Chris Lantz

Immunology and parasitology

Patrice Ludwig

Animal ecology: population, community, dispersal, behavioral

Christine May

Aquatic ecology; linking physical and biological processes in river systems.

David McLeod

Systematics, morphology, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles

Conley McMullen

Pollination biology and plant systematics

Jonathan Monroe

Structure and function of beta-amylases and their roles in leaf starch metabolism

Dana Moseley

Animal behavior, urban ecology, animal communication of birds, noise pollution, sensory ecology

Rocky Parker

Pheromones, chemical ecology, sexual signals, animal behavior, invasive species, endocrinology, chemical senses, reptiles

Mike Renfroe

Plant development, germplasm conservation, antioxidants in foods

Terrie Rife

Molecular biology. Regulation of nitric oxide synthase I in brain cells

Chris Rose

The development and evolution of amphibian morphology, including the cellular basis of growth and metamorphic remodeling of the feeding skeleton, plasticity in lung development, and dorsoventral bending of tadpole tails.

Kyle Seifert

Microbiology and Immunology

Kim Slekar

Anti-oxidant genes in yeast

Morgan Steffen

Environmental microbiology

George Vidal

Development of cerebral cortical connections

Marquis Walker

Cellular pathways that drive retinal disease progression

Bruce Wiggins

Environmental biology and stream restoration ecology

Roshna Wunderlich

Functional morphology and biomechanics of primate locomotion

Louie Wurch

Marine microbial ecology, microbe-microbe interactions, harmful algal blooms, phytoplankton physiology

Grace Wyngaard

Chromatin diminution during development of microcrustacea

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