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Year Started at JMU: 2016
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Research Description

Dr. George Vidal is a developmental neurobiologist studying how brain circuits wire up in the cerebral cortex. Dysfunctional development of the cerebral cortex is associated with many brain disorders, including autism. Dr. Vidal's overall research goal is to understand how “nature” (genetics) and “nurture” (neural activity) work to help the cerebral cortex develop normally. Together with his JMU undergraduate mentees, Dr. Vidal's lab uses cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to understand the roles of autism genetic risk factors as cerebral cortical circuits wire up.

  • Developmental Neurobiology (BIO 448/548)
  • Understanding Techniques in Neuroscience (BIO 426/526)
  • Human Anatomy (BIO 290)
  • PhD in Neurosciences, 2016, Stanford University
  • AB in Neurobiology, 2009, Harvard University
Select Publications
  • Bland KM*, Aharon A, Widener EL*, Song MI, Casey ZO*, Zuo Y, Vidal GS. 2021. FMRP regulates the subcellular distribution of cortical dendritic spine density in a non-cell-autonomous manner. Neurobiol Dis. 150(105253):105253.
  • Swinehart BD*, Bland KM*, Holley ZL*, Lopuch AJ*, Casey ZO*, Handwerk CJ*, Vidal GS. 2020. Integrin β3 organizes dendritic complexity of cerebral cortical pyramidal neurons along a tangential gradient. Mol Brain. 13(1):168.
  • Holley ZL*, Bland KM*, Casey ZO*, Handwerk CJ*, Vidal GS. 2018. Cross-regional gradient of dendritic morphology in isochronically-sourced mouse supragranular pyramidal neurons. Front Neuroanat. 12:103.

*indicates student co-author

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