Dear alumni and friends,

   We need your support...

The Biology Department relies on donations from our friends to carry out several important functions.  There are currently several ways to put your dollars to work within the Biology Department.  To make a donation to a particular account, please use a form available from the Give to JMU page and include the account number(s) mentioned below.  A secure online form is also available. 

Biology Department.  Gifts designated to the Biology Department  account (#14263) fill the gap for underfunded areas. These gifts are truly valuable because they grant the Department the flexibility to allocate funds to the areas with the most need.

Biology Visiting Speakers Fund.  Exposing faculty and students to scientists and research outside of JMU is very beneficial. Gifts designated to this account (#14265) will provide funds for travel expenses and/or honoraria for visiting scientists to give seminars in the Department.

Undergraduate Research in Biology.  Student research is supported by the Trelawney Undergraduate Research Endowment (#25838).  Dr. Gil Trelawney was head of the Biology Department for over 23 years until his retirement in 1994.

Biology Scholarships.  Several scholarships and awards are offered to meritorius and/or needy students each year to allow them to pursue their studies in Biology at JMU.  Please consider contributing to any of several endowments:  Chappelear Scholarships (#25295), Acton Scholarships (#25137), and Margaret Gordon Scholarships (#25431).  For more information see the Scholarships and Awards page.

Biology on Display. This fund enables the purchase of artworks and displays that support the major theme of the new Bioscience Bulding: "Biology on Display". The stunning DNA mural in the main atrium is an example of this theme. Contributions can be made to account # 14262.

We would greatly appreciate your contributions to help us offer more scholarships, maintain the quality of our seminar series, and to support student research and faculty development.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much!

Joanna Mott 

Head, Department of Biology

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