Associate Professor of Biology

B.S. - Michigan State University
Ph.D. - Ohio State University

E-mail -
Phone - 540-568-3343
Fax - 540-568-3333
Office - Bioscience 3028D

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Courses:   Cell and Molecular Biology (214), Allied Health Microbiology (BIO 280), Advanced Molecular Biology (BIO 480)

Research Interests:  Molecular Biology. Signal Transduction and Nitric Oxide Synthase I in mammalian brain cells.

Mammalian brain development and our ability to learn and remember information requires the activation of a number of complex signaling pathways.  My current research interests involve finding which factors in the Nerve Growth Factor induced signaling cascade are responsible for increasing the expression of the enzyme, Nitric Oxide Synthase I      (NOS I).   This enzyme produces a free radical gas, NO, and is upregulated during brain development and during memory formation.  Additionally, increased NOS I expression occurs following stroke and neuronal injury and in many neurodegenerative diseases with fatal consequences.  Thus learning the signaling pathway through which NOS I is upregulated may have far reaching effects in our understanding disease, brain development, and memory formation.

Office Hours

T.K. Rife, B. Rasoul, N. Pullen, D. Mitchell, K. Grathwol, J. Kurth. 2009. The effect of a promoter polymorphism on the transcription of nitric oxide synthase 1 and its relevance to Parkinson's disease. By  J Neurosci Res. 2009 87:2319-25.

T. K. Rife, J. Xie, C. Redman and A. P. Young. 2000.  NGF-mediated Induction of Nitric Oxide Synthase 1 Luciferase Fusion Genes Stably Transformed into PC12 Cells. Molecular Brain Research. 75: 225-236.

A. P. Young, F. Murad, H. Vaessin, J. Xie, and T. K. Rife. 1995. Transcription of the Human Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene in the Central Nervous System is Mediated by Multiple Promoters. Advances in Pharmacology. 34:  91-109.

J. Xie, P. Roddy, T. K. Rife, F. Murad, and A. P. Young. 1995. Two closely linked but separable promoters for human neuronal nitric oxide synthase gene transcription. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 92: 1242-1246.

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