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Assistant Professor
Year Started at JMU: 2021
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Research Description

I am an ecologist with three primary research interests: wildlife and ecosystem responses to climate change in the Andes and Rocky Mountains, amphibian adaptations to high-elevation environments, and community interactions with animals that modify the environment (e.g., by nutrient subsidies, microhabitat creation). Current research involves studying the thermal biology of high-elevation salamanders. There are opportunities in my lab for students interested in vertebrate and ecosystem ecology.

  • PhD in Biology, 2018, Florida International University 
  • MS in Biology, 2011, Florida International University
  • BS in Zoology/Marine Ecology, 2007, Ohio State University
Select Publications
  • Reider, KE, Larson, DJ, Barnes, BM, Donnelly, MA. (2020), Thermal adaptations to extreme freeze–thaw cycles in the high tropical Andes. Biotropica. 00: 1– 11.
  • Reider, KE and Schmidt, SK. (2020), Vicuña dung gardens at the edge of the cryosphere. Ecology. e03228.
  • Reider, KE, WP Carson, and MA Donnelly. (2013), Effects of collared peccary (Pecari tajacu) exclusion on leaf litter amphibians and reptiles in a Neotropical wet forest, Costa Rica. Biological Conservation. 163, 90-98.

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