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Assistant Professor
Year Started at JMU: 2022
Contact Info
Pronouns: She/Her

Research Description

My research examines the movement of animals through biomechanical, evolutionary, and ecological lenses. Much of my current work aims to better understand the dynamic and fine-scale interactions between small bodied vertebrates (e.g., lizards, frogs, fishes) and their physical surroundings, including how environmental variation impacts locomotor function, performance, and behavior. I use a variety of approaches and techniques to study these interactions, including high-speed videography of live animals and high-resolution imaging of micromorphology.

  • BIO 290L (Human Anatomy Lab)

Office Hours

  • PhD in Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology, 2020, The University of California, Riverside
  • BS in Biological Sciences, 2013, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Select Publications
  • E.R. Naylor and S.M. Kawano. In press. Mudskippers modulate their locomotor kinematics when moving on deformable and inclined substrates. Integrative and Comparative Biology, icac084.
  • E.R. Naylor and T.E. Higham. 2022. High‐speed terrestrial substrate transitions: How a fleeing cursorial day gecko copes with compliance changes that are experienced in nature. Functional Ecology, 36(2), 471-484.
  • E.R. Naylor and T.E. Higham. 2019. Attachment beyond the adhesive system: the contribution of claws in gecko clinging and locomotion. Integrative & Comparative Biology, 59(1): 168-181.

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