Requirements for Animal Subject Research Submission:

  • Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Form (signed by PI(s), Department Head, and all students involved)
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire (all students involved must have on file)
  • CITI Working with the IACUC Training
  • CITI (working w/species specific) Training
  • Hands-on Training (in the lab training of specific research and safety procedures conducted by the PI for all students listed on the protocol)
  • Read and document all applicable Standard Operating Procedures (required for all personnel involved in study)
Protocol Forms
New Protocol (for research or teaching)

Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Form

(Updated 10/31/2016)

Occupational Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Student Email Consent

Student Email Consent

  • For use on protocols which involve research teams of multiple students in order to comply with Virginia § 23.1-405 (C).
Form 1

Survival Surgery

(Updated 7/1/2014)

Form 2
Form 3
Form 4

Immunization Procedures

(Updated 7/1/2014)

Form 5
New Protocol (for field studies)

Field Study Protocol

(Updated 10/10/2016)

Field Study Attachments

(New 05/19/2015)

Additional Research Forms
Annual Progress Report

Annual Progress Report
(Updated 5/12/2015)

This form is used for continuing research without changes or if research has been completed.

Amendment Form - Research

Amendment Form- Research
(Updated 2/22/2017)

This form is used for continuing research and requesting changes to the previously approved research, including personnel.

Adverse Event Reporting

Adverse Event & Unanticipated Problems Form


This form must be completed when reporting adverse events or unanticipated problems to the JMU IACUC.

Animal Adoption
Animal Holding Protocol

Animal Holding Protocol

(New 12/3/2015)

Animal Transfer

Animal Transfer Form

(New 10/14/2015)

Training Forms
College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Protocol Review

IACUC Reviewer Checklist

(Updated 05/27/2015)

Protocol Review - Field Studies
Amendment Review

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