As required by federal regulation, all Significant Financial Interests by all investigators who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research, including collaborators and consultants, must be disclosed with a Disclosure Form (DF) PRIOR to submission of a federal research funding application.

The DF must be submitted annually during the project period if the research proposal is funded. Additionally, an updated DF must be submitted within 30 days of changes in the investigator's financial interests.

JMU Disclosure Form

To submit a disclosure, go to: then click on the following:  

  1. My Profile
  2. COI Disclosures
  3. New Disclosure
  4. Start a new Research-Based disclosure

Instructions with screenshots can be found here.

Not seeing the COI Disclosures tab or External to JMU? Contact for account setup.

External Collaborator Certification

External Collaborator Certification 

Signed and completed Collaborator must be submitted either:


  • Campus Mail to Office of Sponsored Programs, MSC 5728.
COI Management Plan

The information provided will be shared with the Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee for review. Additional information may be requested from you before the management plan can be approved.

COI Management Plan

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