The James Madison University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is chartered to provide proper and continuing oversight relating to all potential radiation hazards resulting from the activities of the University. The Committee is further charged with establishing and maintaining appropriate procedures for the procurement, use, and care of all radioactive sources and radiation-producing machines within the entire University. This is to ensure compliance with existing state and federal requirements and is to afford a maximum degree of protection to University personnel, students, visitors, and the general public from radiation hazards arising out of the use of radiation-producing sources and machines.

Procedures developed by the Committee are published in the Radiation Safety Manual and are presented to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, Economic Development and Innovation. The Standing RSC meets at least quarterly. Additional ad-hoc members of the committee may be added at the discretion of the Chairman of the RSC.

The responsibility for ensuring that approved procedures are carried out, including the rules and regulations of the University and the governing public agencies regarding radiation safety, is assigned to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The RSO reports to the Director of Emergency Services Management, who does not use or supervise the use of radiation or radioactive materials. The RSO is responsible for identifying radiation safety problems or areas of non-compliance; initiating, recommending, or providing corrective actions; and verifying implementation of corrective actions.

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