To avoid undue delay in the processing of the research protocols, applicants are asked to make sure the following component is completed:

  • All responsible individuals involved with the research that are directly involved with human subject participants and/or human subject’s identifiable data must successfully complete the Social/Behavioral Course, Basic Course IRB training.
    • Choose ONLY the Social/Behavioral Course, Basic Course


Reviewers are given five business days to evaluate each completed protocol.


Review Application Form
Review Application Form

Paper submissions are no longer accepted. To submit a protocol, please go to:

  • For more information on how to submit through the electronic Research Administration (eRA) software system, please see Submission Procedure.
  • For more information on the difference between Full Board, Expedited, and Exempt review, please see FAQs.

International Research Form

International Research Form

  • Please complete and submit with the Human Research Review Request Form if conducting research outside of the United States.

Student Email Consent

Student Email Consent

  • For use on protocols which involve research teams of multiple students in order to comply with Virginia § 23.1-405 (C).

Informed Consent Forms
Confidential Research

Sample Consent Form

  • Used when:

    • Subject is being interviewed

    • Subject is being recorded (audio/video)

    • Face-to-face interaction between researcher and subject

    • Identifying information is being collected from subject (name, social security number, etc.)

  • There are many circumstances where a researcher may choose to protect a subject's identity by not referring to them by name in their research (i.e., use a pseudonym). This serves to make their responses confidential, but is not the same as conducting an anonymous study. There should be a signature block for the researcher(s) and the participant.

Anonymous Research

Sample Cover Letter

  • Used when:

    • Subject's identity to remain "anonymous" ("Anonymous meaning that the researcher can in NO WAY identify the subjects)

    • No identifying information is being requested

    • A survey/questionnaire is being administered and the researcher will not be present while the surveys/questionnaires are being completed or that the participants will place their completed surveys/questionnaire in an envelope/box to ensure anonymity (Must be stated in the protocol and in the cover letter.)

  • There should be a signature block ONLY for the researcher-- the participant should not sign anything in an anonymous study.

"Web" Confidential

Sample "Web"/"Email" Consent Form

  • Recommended for use with email and QuestionPro for Confidential Research

"Web" Anonymous

Sample "Web"/"Email" Cover Letter

  • Recommended for use when using QuestionPro for anonymous surveys

Verbal/Oral Informed Consent

Sample "Telephone" Survey Consent

  • Telephone interviews require the researcher to obtain verbal consent. The investigator should convey essentially the same information on the phone as on a consent form.

Parental Consent for Participants Ages 17 & Under
Assent for Participants Ages 13-17
Assent for Participants Ages 7-12
Additional Research Forms
Off-Campus Research

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