James Madison University has implemented the use of the CITI Program Biosafety/Biosecurity training course for anyone conducting research involving bio-hazardous material, including Infectious Biological Agents, Recombinant DNA and Select Agents. The goal of providing the CITI Biosafety modules is to improve a person's knowledge of biosafety, provide training to University staff, students, PI's and lab personnel, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

All Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Laboratory Technicians, and Research Staff involved in research using bio-hazardous material in their laboratories are recommended to complete the CITI Basic  Biosafety Training course. "Research Staff" refers to anyone, including students of any kind, conducting research on or otherwise handling bio-hazardous material, including Infectious Biological Agents, Recombinant DNA, and Select Agents. The overall goal in subscribing to the Biosafety modules is to provide a tool to help train your research staff. As you review the CITI modules it will become apparent which modules are helpful and in some cases, essential to your research needs.

To access the CITI Biosafety/Biosecurity course instructions and the CITI website, please go to the https://www.citiprogram.org/. If you have previously completed a CITI course use the same username and password for this training.

 important notice

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available, which allows you to register and login to CITI Program with your JMU e-ID and password.

If you have a JMU e-ID, please follow these instructions.

If you do NOT have a JMU e-ID, please follow these instructions.

CITI Program is protected with Duo 2-factor authentication.


  • Training is valid for up to 3 years.
  • You do not need a JMU e-id to register for training.
  • Training is free.
  1. Go to https://about.citiprogram.org/en/homepage/ to register. Complete the steps to set up your member profile and to affiliate with JMU.

  2. To add a course, select ONLY "I need to take a course in the Biosafety/ Biosecurity."

  3. Select the appropriate course for your research. 

  4. From the Main Menu, select "Enter" under Status of the course you selected.

 Technical issues should be addressed to support@citiprogram.org or to 888-529-5929.

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