SOP No. 1

Determination of What Research Activity Needs IRB Review

SOP No. 2

Initial and Continuing Review

SOP No. 3

Exempt Review

SOP No. 4

Security of Research Data

SOP No. 5

Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events

SOP No. 6

Termination or Suspension

SOP No. 7

Managing Noncompliance

SOP No. 8

Mandated Reporting to External Agencies

SOP No. 9

Study Closure

SOP No. 10

Subject Concerns/Complaints

SOP No. 11

Membership of IRB

SOP No. 12

Conduct of IRB Meetings

SOP No. 13

IRB Minutes

SOP No. 14

IRB Training

SOP No. 15

Protocol Violations

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