It is extremely important to maintain your personal well-being as you face the academic rigors of university life which can be demanding, stressful and overwhelming. JMU has a number of excellent resources to assist in creating and maintaining your well-being.

Studying outside one’s home country can be very exciting. However, you may be faced with a lot of decisions and choices, hence you may be stressed, frustrated, etc.

Getting Involved

Getting involved is one of the best ways for you to: (1) make new friends/connections outside of the classroom settings, (2) develop new skills, (3) expose yourself to new perspectives, and ultimately (4) make your overall college journey even better with unforgettable memories and long-lasting experiences. It is not unusual to miss home and to be challenged with cultural adjustment [LINK]. Seeking other students who can relate to you can be helpful. One of the easiest ways to find them are to refer yourself the many existing student organizations.

The Counseling Center

You may find yourself having difficulties relating to others or finding individuals who can relate to you as well as feeling lonely. If you were at home, you would talk with a family member or a trusted friend, but they may not always be available to you here! The Counseling Center can help! No problem is too big or small. In the past, international students have come to the Counseling Center to talk about:

  • Feelings of loneliness and homesickness.
  • Academic problems related to adjusting to a new system, and/or not doing as well as they expected.
  • Learning new skills to better understand and communicate with professors and classmates.
  • Discrimination or not being understood if English is a second language.
  • Dating issues or concerns regarding sexuality or sex.
  • Difficulties with time management or finances.

You can also join the international student support group. Just call or stop by the Counseling Center to sign up!

Victim Advocacy Services

JMU Victim Advocacy services act as a safe, confidential, welcoming, and inclusive resource for JMU students impacted by sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, or other crimes of interpersonal violence, whether recently or in the past. Learn more at https://www.jmu.edu/victimadvocacy 

UREC: Health Promotion
Video: Mental Health Awareness for International Students
Video: Sexual Assault Awareness for International Students

Both of these videos are provided courtesy of International Student Insurance.

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