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LINKers assist with the adjustment and retention efforts for JMU’s international community. While LINKers are most known for the role that they play during the international orientation program, by ensuring that new students feel welcomed and connected, they also play a significant role in sharing their own JMU experiences with newly admitted students and building the excitement for those who are getting ready to start their own JMU journey.

With the guidance and training from members of the Center for Global Engagement staff, five (5) globally-minded and talented student leaders, called LINKers, work together as a team to perform various roles:

  • JMU’s ambassadors to newly admitted globally-minded students by sharing their personal stories and experiences of what being a JMU student is all about.
  • Orientation leaders during the international student orientation program;
  • Serve as links between the international student body and the larger JMU community; and
  • Role models and peer advisors for the new international JMU Dukes, as resources and mentors to those who may need assistance with academic, social, and cultural adjustments.

In short, the LINKers stay true to thecore values held in its name: “Leaders for International Networking and Knowledge".

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Values and Benefits
  • Develop your leadership, intercultural, and interpersonal skills (highly valued by employers);
  • Add a great professional working experience and various soft skills to your resume;
  • Meet amazing people and make new friends, not only from different parts of JMU but also from various countries and cultures across the globe;
  • Be the first one to meet and positively impact the JMU journey of new international students; and
  • Receive individualized feedback and personal challenges to grow professionally and to better market yourself when applying for jobs or programs.
Responsibilities and Duties

This is what you can expect to be doing as a LINKer:

  • Attend all training sessions (in April, two Zoom calls over the summer, and August 11 [for graduate LINKer] and August 16 and 17 [for undergraduate LINKers])
  • Participate in all orientation activities
    • For graduate LINKer: August 14-16, 2023
    • For undergraduate LINKers: August 18-22, 2023
  • Establish personal connection with newly admitted students via email and online panels
  • Conduct campus tours for new international students during orientation
  • Facilitate group discussions and lead ice-breaking activities/games during social events, conferences, and orientation sessions
  • Provide the student perspective during orientation sessions
  • Brainstormorganize, and lead activities during orientation
  • Maintain connection with new international students from pre-arrival through their first month on campus
  • Identify needs and issues faced by the newly arriving international students
  • Communicate promptly and effectively with your supervisors, fellow LINKers, and students
  • Debrief with ISSS team after orientation
How to Apply?
To be considered, candidates must:
  • Have completed at least 1 semester (in person) at JMU;
  • Be in good immigration and academic (2.0 cumulative GPA min.) status;
  • Complete the application in Joblink; and
  • Interview with the ISSS team.

Please note:

  • All LINKers also must be available on very specific and important dates (such as arriving early on-campus in August to prepare for the international orientation program and other related events).
  • Two LINKers will have the opportunity to continue their work into the beginning of the Spring 2024 semester to assist with the International Student Orientation in January.
    • For graduate LINKer: January 8-10, 2024
    • For undergraduate LINKer: January 12-15, 2024
Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ISSS at or (540) 568-5209.

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