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The LINK Program helps students who are studying abroad at JMU have a smooth transitional phase when they first arrive on-campus and feel welcomed and connected with the student body throughout their academic journey here with us.

With the guidance and training from 2 staff members of the Center for Global Engagement, 15 globally-minded and talented student leaders - called LINKers, lead this program together as a team for a full calendar year to perform various roles:

  • Orientation leaders during “Transitions” – international student orientation program;
  • Active links between the international student body and JMU overall community;
  • Organizers and coordinators for social and cultural events that promote diversity and globally-minded perspectives;
  • Hosts for the annual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC);
  • Role models and peer advisors for the globally-minded JMU Dukes, especially the new international students, as they serve as resources and mentors to those who seek for assistance with academic, social and cultural adjustments;
  • Personal contacts for prospective students who are applying to JMU.

In short, the LINK program stays true to its core values held in its name: “Leaders for International Networking and Knowledge".

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Values and Benefits
  • Develop your leadership, intercultural, and interpersonal skills (highly valued by employers);
  • Add a great professional working experience and various soft skills to your resume;
  • Meet some amazing people and make new friends, not only from different parts of JMU but also from various countries and cultures across the globe;
  • Be the first one to meet and assist the new international students;
  • Make an impact and leave your mark on campus not only by bringing your own ideas and visions into real life with the provided resources (for instance, some of our LINKers’ projects include: LINKer smartphone app, mini video project answering Frequently Ask Questions by/for international students, comprehensive information about transportations for international students);
  • Work with a great team for 2 semesters (Spring and Fall) and earn $1,000;
  • Receive individualized feedback, and personal challenges to best grow your personal self professionally and to better market yourself in the job searching process with the more in-depth understanding of your own skills and competencies.
Responsibilities and Duties

In order to perform the various roles listed in the Overview section, every LINKer is expected to fulfill these job responsibilities and duties:

  • Attend all of the bi-monthly meetings & training sessions;
  • Submit writing assignments (such as self-introductory biographies, blog entries, etc.);
  • Conduct campus tours with both prospective and admitted globally-minded students;
  • Facilitate group discussions and lead ice-breaking activities/games during social events, conferences, and “Transitions”;
  • Establish personal connection with prospective students via email;
  • Maintain strong connections with admitted international students even after the week of orientation;
  • Brainstorm, organize, and lead social and cultural events;
  • Identify new needs and issues faced by the international student community;
  • Take the initiative to create and execute the subsequent projects to solve the problems found, with all the help and resources from our department;
  • Communicate promptly and effectively with your supervisors, co-workers, and students;
  • Carry out other tasks as assigned.
How to Apply?
  • Every year, the search for 15 LINKers (domestic and international returning students) begins in early October.
  • To be considered, candidates must:
    • Have completed at least 2 semesters at JMU;
    • Be in good immigration and academic (2.5 cumulative GPA min.) status;
    • Complete an application form;
    • And potentially go through a group and 2-on-1 interviews.
  • The 15 selected individuals must commit to their 2-semester-long work, which begins early January and ends in mid-December.
  • All LINKers also must be available on very specific and important dates (such as arriving early on-campus in August to prepare for the international orientation program, called “Transitions”; or other events/programs/conferences).
Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thomas Lavenir (540) 568-7314.

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