For children 0-5 years old

There are several options for finding someone to watch your young child. These options are home-based daycare, center-based daycare, preschool, and/or private nanny/babysitter.

The hours and schedules of child care providers vary; most offer full-time care and some offer weekend or holiday care.  Prices vary from $50/week - $150/week in Harrisonburg, and frequently home based care is less expensive than center-based care.

The following resources are a good place to start your search for child care in Harrisonburg:

For children 5-18 years old

Public Education in the United States

Public schools are funded by state government which means students in grades K- 12 do not pay tuition. Generally schools are divided into elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Elementary schools are composed of students in kindergarten and grades 1-5. Most children attend kindergarten when they are five-years-old. middle school is composed of students in grades 6-8 and high school contains grades 9-12.

The public school your child will attend is determined by where you live.

               Harrisonburg City Schools

               Rockingham County Schools


After School Programs

School days end between 3-3:30 pm. If you need care for your child after these hours, there are different programs available that may help.

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