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Our office is committed to working with student organizations to:

  • Stress the importance of being globally engaged
  • better address their needs,
  • advise them,
  • address and advocate for the issues that globally-minded students face on this campus.

As such, we look forward to connecting, and collaborating with you.

  • We are always very open to find ways to bring individuals together and engage them in cultural-related awareness and exploration, and for student organization to feature their talents/cultures, or facilitate an activity. Our office would be able to chip in/contribute financially for some props, items, etc
  • International Week provides for many opportunities to showcase your organization by (1) having your own a table during the International Bazaar, (2) performing or showcasing a particular talent specific to your org. and (3) submit an event proposal and feature an event organized by your organization.
  • Our office has created a listserv where all of our globally-minded individuals can be subscribed to receive a weekly e-mail to promote our events and other cultural/international events. Subscribe or promote your events. To do so e-mail Thomas Lavenir by Tuesday 5pm.
  • Our office can provide digital signage in the lobby area of the 2nd floor of Madison. For your event to be included send an e-mail to
Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thomas Lavenir (540) 568-7314.

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