Even experienced travelers and people who have lived in other parts of the world go through a period of cultural adjustment when moving to a new place. Many of you will also go through it as you settle into life in the U.S.

While it is becoming easier to gather information about different cultures, languages, religion, and other facets of a country’s people, you may find that the information is more or less true for individuals in a given society. You will experience many differences and many similarities that you may not have initially anticipated. Some of these experiences can be pleasant and funny, and at times irritating and frustrating. Refer yourself to some of these resources:

Get Involved

Getting involved is one of the best ways for you to:

  • make new friends/connections outside of the classroom settings,
  • develop new skills,
  • expose yourself to new perspectives, and ultimately
  • make your overall college journey even better with unforgettable memories and long-lasting experiences.

The Center for Global Engagement has developed programs and opportunities for all globally-minded JMU Dukes, as we are committed not only to your smooth adjustment since your very first steps onto JMU campus, but also to your success as a student and future alumna. Refer yourself to the Get Involved section of our webpage.

Making friends with American students

There are many US and domestic students, faculty and staff who have travelled/lived abroad and who are eager to learn more about the experiences that you have to share. We can connect you together if you are interested, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. To assist you even more you may find this information particularly helpful:

  • Previous international students and domestic students have developed this handout to provide other international students (like yourself) with tips and advice on - How to best communicate with US/domestic students.
  • Our Emotional Well-Being Page lists some useful suggestions with making friends with domestic students.

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