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The Center for Global Engagement's International Student Scholar Services staff is looking forward to meeting you in person on August 15! By virtue of your immigration status, traveling many miles, and the many logistical issues that come into play when you do not reside in the US, Transitions has been designed to address your many issues prior to JMU’s first day of classes.

What will happen during the Transitions Schedule?

  • On August 15, we have arranged for a JMU bus to pick you up from the IAD airport. We will check you in on-campus and help you get to your apartment or hotel. We'll also go shopping to ensure that you have some bed sheets and pillows for your first night.
  • In the next few days, we will help you apply for your social security card, open a bank account and obtain your JACard, and you will need to become familiar with federal and state laws, due to your immigration status.
  • Overall you will become more familiar with the campus, its culture, its resources and connect through fun activities with student experts: GLOBAL members (returning international graduate students).

Before we meet during Transitions, we know that you have several steps to take care of before you even arrive. To make this process easier for you, click or tap on these buttons to obtain more information and best guide your decisions:

Explore these topics:

Click on each icon to obtain more info about each topic:

Steps to obtaining your visa

Money, fees & graduate assistantship

The housing search & paperwork

Plan your trip & arrival

What about your health & vaccinations? 

Active your cell phone & use it in the US

What should you pack?

Opening a Bank Account in the US


Let's meet & talk virtually!

Today's local date and time is:


Option #1: 

Do you have any questions and/or concerns related to any of these topics/issues?

Money & Fees | Housing Search | Planning your Trip | Health & immunizations | Using your cell in the US | What should you pack? | Opening a bank account | Transitions

If so, Join me on Fridays (June 3 - July 22) at 10am to informally :

  • talk about the issues/questions/concerns you may be facing as you are getting ready for your journey at JMU
  • connect with other new international graduate students.

Option #2: 


a virtual 1 on 1 meeting with Thomas to talk about what's on your mind (questions, comments, concerns...).

Option #3: 

E-mail the ISSS staff:

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