Yes, everyone has to file taxes!

... but we’ve simplified the process for you by creating different instructions for each of the different steps that you need to complete, and we're offering different workshops to help you with filing taxes. Go ahead and start the process!

At any point in 2023

I did NOT earn any money

Does this statement describe your situation? "In 2023, I did NOT work. I was in the US and only studied at JMU (or at another US university/school)."

If yes, you need to:

 Step #1- Download the 8843 form

 Step #2- Complete the 8843 form– Use this handout to guide you through the process

 Step #3- Print the completed 8843 Form

 Step #4- Drop off your completed and signed form at the CGE front desk by April 13


I earned income or received a scholarship:
Does this statement describe your situation? 
"In 2023, I worked (on/off campus) and/or received a significant US scholarship."

If yes, gather all of your documents:

I did earn income from Aramark
Aramark does not send your tax documents or W-2 form to you, instead, you are to retrieve it from The W-2 form is issued to individuals who work:

 Step 1-Go to:
 Step 2-Click on mypaylogin
 Step 3-Enter your username (consist of 0 + 8-digit #)
 Step 4-Click to login
 Step 5-look for Taxes W-2

=> Contact Margaret Arnold from Aramark if you need assistance retrieving your W-2 form (540) 568-3103

I did earn money/scholarship from JMU
Retrieve your W-2 electronically:

 Log intoMyMadison
 Navigate to the Employee tab
 Under Employee Payroll and Banking
 click ‘W-2/W-2c Consent Form.’

=> If you cannot retrieve your electronic W-2 form and/or 1042-S form, contact Payroll Services (540) 568-6233 or with any questions or concerns.

Using Sprintax to file taxes

Now that you have retrieved your W-2 form(s) and/or your 1042-S form, you are ready to enter this information in Sprintax. Sprintax is a tax software for international students as it takes your immigration status and existing tax treaties between your country and the US into consideration.

Log-in to Sprintax:

  • First-time users, need to sign up to create an account.
  • By creating an account or using your existing account from last year. Retrieving your previous account will save you time.

Once you are logged in, you will be instucted to completed tasks (such as entering the days you were in the US, and uploading your W-2 form, etc). To help you complete each of these tasks, and to take advantage to the JMU code (that you do not have to pay the fee that Sprintax is charging to prepare your tax documents) go to the next page by clicking on this button (and enter your JMU credentials):

Step By Step Assistance
Walk-In Tax Sessions

Feel free to take advantage of these sessions, to obtain assistance with filing your taxes and/or to ask any questions you may have:

- Filing taxes 101 || February 23 | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM @CGE Classroom 2001
- Filing your taxes- walk-in || March 25 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM @CGE Classroom 2001
- Finalize your taxes- walk-in || April 4 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM @CGE Classroom 2001

Don't hesitate to use the Sprintax live chat feature for more immediate assistance with your questions and/or problems.

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