Yes everyone has to file taxes!

Whether you earned money or not you need to file taxes as long as you were studying or working in the US in 2019.

I have not completed my taxes, what should I be doing?

  • First and foremost, refer yourself to the Instructions Handout:
    1. To find out what additional tax documents (like your W2 or 1042S) you need to obtain before filing for taxes
    2. To know what forms you need to file
    3. To know what resources exist to help you file your tax form 
  • File your tax form as much as possible by referring yourself to the proper sample forms and/or FAQ section
  • If you sill have questions:
    1. Re-read the Instructions Handout
    2. Send an e-mail to Thomas and include (1) a screen shot of where you are having a problem, and (2) explain your problem.

Please note: If you have lived (as a result of studying and/or working) in the U.S. for 5+ years you will not be able to use the Sprintax software, however you will find some comparable Free File Software Offers found on the IRS website.

Tax workshops

To help JMU’s F-1 visa international students and J-1 visa exchange visitors, who studied/worked in the US in 2019, with completing and sending tax forms, the International Student & Scholar Services office is hosting a number of tax workshops.

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