What is MyMadison?

MyMadison is a self-service portal for the JMU community to use. Students can use MyMadison to enroll in classes, view their grades, request transcripts, and more! For tutorials and other help using MyMadison, please visit IT's Student Tutorials and Help page.

For specific questions international students often have regarding MyMadison, please read below.

What is the positive service indicator from ISSS on MyMadison?

The positive service indicator from ISSS is a friendly reminder to you and your academic advisor that you are on a temporary visa and must contact ISSS if you drop below full-time enrollment, accept on-campus employment, or participate in an off-campus internship or practicum. A positive service indicator does not restrict you from enrolling in classes or conducting other business at JMU.

Is a positive service indicator the same as a hold on my account?

A positive service indicator is not the same as a hold. Even though it is listed under holds, if you see the words positive service indicator you do not need to worry about being able to enroll in classes.

**If you do have a hold from another department, MyMadison provides instructions for clearing each negative hold. If you have questions about this, contact the Registrar’s Office by calling them at 540-568-6281 or emailing them at registrar@jmu.edu.

How can I get the positive service indicator removed from my account?

The positive service indicator is not something you need to remove. If you only have a positive service indicator, that will not hinder you from registering for classes, requesting a transcript, or any other actions.

If you have a negative hold (see above) you need to follow the directions in MyMadison to get the hold removed.

Why am I being charged an international student fee?

In order to continue to provide quality programs, activities, resources, services, and advocacy, JMU has instituted an international student fee which will be assessed to all F and J visa holding students enrolled in full-time undergraduate or graduate JMU courses. This $100 fee is posted on each student’s bill by the University Business Office every fall and spring semester. We have worked hard to keep costs as low as possible.

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