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Why should I become a mentor?

International students who are new to JMU might easily feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities, resources, and choices available to them on campus. Additionally, they might be struggling with adjusting to American culture or being away from loved ones. Some of the struggles they might face as they adapt to life at JMU include over-committing themselves, keeping to themselves in their dorm room/apartment, or feeling overwhelmed by homesickness.

Peer mentors are uniquely equipped to help international students with these struggles. These are just some of the ways a peer mentor can make a huge impact on an international student's integration and success at JMU:

  • Sharing your personal experience adjusting to college life
  • Making suggestions for on-campus activities and resources
  • Personally introducing them to faculty, staff, and departments
  • Helping them make connections with other students or student organizations

We can all play our part to make new international students feel truly welcome on campus!

What does a Global X mentor do?

Your responsibility as a mentor is to establish a connection with your mentee and to sustain it by meeting 5-10 times throughout the semester. The exact amount of times you meet up with your mentee will depend on the needs and availability of your mentee. Some mentees may have already spent a semester or two at JMU, and won't need to meet up with you quite as much. Students who are newer to the university may appreciate a little more support.

The meetings you are to have with your mentee can be social in nature, or consist of visiting a specific individual or department which your mentee could benefit from talking to. Introducing them to different campus resources that are available, depending on their needs, can especially assist them in becoming a successful Duke.

In addition to these, ISSS and the Center for Global Engagement frequently host other monthly events that you will be more than welcome to join. Email Thomas Lavenir ( to be put on the International Programming listserv!

In addition to organizing events during which you can better connect with your mentee, we can help you become a more effective mentor and provide you with suggestions and options as needed.

Mentor Resources

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